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CG SP SFB refurbished

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Quick and easy. Had to take the opportunity (while at work)wink.gif to do a quick refurb. Will post pics soon as I'm planning a burn on Sat.

-Took off the box removed handle
-A friend took it to his house and welded the ash tray holder back on and reinforced the other one as it was about to go also.
-Had the welder fill in two holes that were not inuse.
-Got the wirewheel out attached to a hand held grinder
-Took off all the rust back to good paint
-Sprayed and wiped off with oven cleaner (OUTSIDE ONLY)
-Sprayed with 1200 or 1600 (cant remember) degree flat black paint (be careful, they sell some 500 degree stuff!)
-Used mutiple coats and the whole can of paint.
-Will reattach the box this evening, with help from wife as its a bit of a pain.

Bingo, I promise to get some pics together Sat. or sooner

Happy TBSin all.icon_smile.gif
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By imn88fan
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I Know I Know

Wife took camera outta town this morning for a conferenceicon_sad.gif . Spoke with a friend today he is going to bring his over tomorrowicon_smile.gif . I have not installed the firebox yet as I was waiting for RTV which I got this morning, pics tomorrow!!!
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Before and after

Got the camera back including some before pics that were already on it and snapped one of the "new SFB". Also took some pics from that ash tray holder that snapped off. I didnt get a pic of the holder that was welded back in as the box was in use at time of photos biggrin.gif .

Pic 1. SFB Before, very rusty.
Attachment 9092

Pic. 2 SFB After,
Attachment 9093

Pic. 3 Ashtray holder thingy broken off
Attachment 9090

Pic. 4 Ashtray holder looking from end into box.
Attachment 9091

Going to be applying RTV around the SFB Door to get it sealed up. Just dont know about the heat as this stuff is good for up to 650 degrees???
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How about fireplace caulk, its rated to 2000 degrees or so?
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Perfect!!! after I posted I spoke about my plans with some guys at work that use RTV all the time. They did not recommend that I use it for the firebox door as the temps could get outside the range of the RTV and give off vaporsPDT_Armataz_01_27.gif . I will pick some up at Menards and give it a go. I am tired of using a patio block to hold down my door!

Will update when done. Thanks bigun, points!
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Finally got around to this mod this weekend. Worked out perfect. I am now calling that fireplace caulk liquid brick as that is how hard it is when it sets up.

I applied a bead around the flange of the door on the CG SP. Waited like 7/8 min for it to set up a little. Gently closed the door to make a custom gasket. I looked for places where the door didnt even touch the caulk and applied a second layer on top of the 1st. Waited and closed the door again. Perfect seal now, the liquid brick was then allowed to set up all the way.

I grilled some chix in the main chamber later that even and watched the SFB door. NO SMOKE escaping!! That is a first. I can not wait for the next burn in the box to see how she does. Maybe onto something here.

Thanks for the input folks.
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Quietly reading all the char-griller mod posts PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Chargriller ...... i may have to try that one as well. That is the only place left on mine that leaks. Have every other gap sealed up. I'm still using a piece of field rock on the handle. Have to remember to put on gloves before getting into the firebox. Didn't one time when i was using a patio brick, and that's why i'm now using a piece of field rock PDT_Armataz_01_15.gif .

So it didn't stick where it's wasn't meant to? I have a tube of fireplace cement. May give that stuff a try.

Either way ... well done on the mod PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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No, the stuff really started to set up quickly. I felt the consistancy with my finger and waited till it was like puddy so that none would stick to the lid.

Ya know, food for thought, you could clean off the edge of the lid apply it there with same results I would think but the "gasket" would be on the lid and not so much as an eye-sore (stuff is red). Although I dont care for mine as I lookin at it from a functionallity standpoint and not how pretty it is.

On mine I filled in a 3/8" gap on the edge toward the end of the SFB. That was suprising, can not wait to smoke outta this thing, hopfully this weekend.
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Another thought would be to spray one side with some kind of release agent. Maybe cooking spray or EVOO might work, fireplace caulk while tough I don't think will stick to either of those if used liberally, I may have to do some experimenting with this.
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