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New to smoking

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Hey everyone. 1st of all, I have to say this has got to be the best site on bbqing I have found. I've been grilling for years and love it. Been wanting to get a smoker for quite some time. Finally bought a Brinkman SnP the other day. Cured it for a couple hours Sun morn. We were planning on grilling a beer can chicken. Figured well, since the smoker is cured, why not use it. That was a good idea! Best chicken I have had in years. Hopefully this wasn't beginners luck! It cooked for about 4 hours. Used charc. and lump hickory. I do have a question though. When grilling chicken I always thought 180 deg was the temp. But, everything I read here says 165-170. Are smoking temps diff. then grilling? Anyway, I've already learned allot from everyone here. Just thought it was time to say hi.
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Hey daboys,

newbie here also. Just sayin hello. My all smokes be with you.
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Hia Boys.. welcome to SMF. The USDA had recently lowered the "safe" poultry temp to 165°. Many, myself included still use the 180° guideline. Nothing more disconcerting to me than a hunk of pink bird...
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Welcome to the SMF - best place on the web, but you already now know that. wink.gif

Good luck - and look forward to your future posts and q-vue!
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Welcome aboard, glad to have ya!
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Thanks Richtee. Hadn't heard about the new safe zone. I think I will stay with 180 deg too.
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Welcome to the site..........Lots of great people here............
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Welcome to SMF. Just remember with Smoking that you will see some pink o the outside. That's the smoke ring. It's a good thing. Don't confuse it with "raw". Use your thermometer for assurances on internal temps.
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Hi daboys and welcome to the SMF. I agree with the 180o for poultry. 165o might be safe but sometimes you might not get a good temp reading deep inside the bird. Better to be safe IMO.
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Welcome to the forum.

Fan of the 165 is done thought here, but go with what you are comfortable with.
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Welcome to the smf. Lots of nice people and a load of information. Try Jeff's 5 day E-course. It's free and has a lot of good information for ya.

Happy Smokin

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Hello and welcome to the SMF, glad to have you as part of the best smokin' site on the net. Internal temps are the same regardless of the method you choose o cook. Now outside texture may vary by the way you cook... but then it's all good!
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Thanks eveyone for the warm welcome. I did take the 5 day e-course and learned alot. Now if the weekends would just straighten out and dry up we can do some smoking and get things figured out. I'm sure I'll have questions, lots of questions!! I know I can get them all answered here.
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Welcome to the forum.
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Welcome and glad you found us.
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Welcome to smf. I agree with the 180 deg. I want my yardbirds done.
Again welcome aboard all the info you'll ever need just ask a question someone will be along shortly to help.

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Welcome daboys!!..........I'm tellin Iowans are gonna take this forum over one of these days!!......LOL

Welcome to the SMF from another Iowa boy!

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It is nice to see all the Iowans on here. Go Hawks!!!
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