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Welcome to the forum.
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Great to have ya here Congo Smoker..what kind of wood do you use there? they must have a bunch of exotic woods that must be great.
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I've been using mango. I plan to experiment with other types and I will let you all know. it should be fun.
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Congo smoker,
I knew you would have a differnt wood, we used mango to cook in in the tropics, mahogany was great also. then there was an array of other hard woods that seemed to work . enjoy while you can..
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what is mahogany like? we have it here along with some other hard woods that i have no idea what their names are. does it compare to oak or mesquite? presently I am drying out some avacado, banana and papaya trees to use in a few months.
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Welcome to SMF congo!! I've never heard of someone using avacado, banana or papaya. But the thought of papaya smoked chicken had a Pavlovian effect on me.
Now there's drool all over my keyboard.PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif

Can't wait to see your q-view
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One of the best turkey's I ever had was with papaya wood and a papaya brine. Now, if I can just find a turkey. wink.gif I can't take credit for it though a friend did it and that is what got me hooked on smokin.
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I have not had mahogany wood in over 24 years since I left the tropics.
But we used it there to add smoke to our Bar B q grillin.
If I remember it was not a sweet smoke but more a hardy smoke. like a better bourbon.
we used mango and avacado also. and papya was used as a marinated I believe it is the key ingeident in meat tenderizer. or at least a chemical make up of it.

the 1st time I learned that mahogany was good was on a hunting trip to the darien gap still a virgin jungle in south america bordering Columbia. when we left the main road if you want to call it a road (it was raining) and we only could go there in the dry season. But some times it still rains. we went off road at 4 pm and traveled almost 4.5 miles to our ole camp (not much of a camp) we arrived at 4:30 am still raining there was a Choco indian and his son both naked standing next to a fire they had going, over the fire they had constructed green wood, made grates out of it and there was green palm leaves on the sides and top they were burning mahogany and smoking a pig they had shot and cut up in to small pieces (looked like it got ran over with a lawn mower) but there they were in almost total darkness except for the small glow of their fire smoke smelled great as the meat smoked to his perfection he put it in a basket he made out of palm leave and covered it with palm leaves layering the smoked meat in the basket that went on his back when he and his little boy left at sun up. He offered all of us a small piece to eat. It was wonderfull. I do not know how far he had to travel back to his village But I do know it would take him till dark are longer as he traveled far to find the pigs.
Any ways the mahogany was good..I think they have Guinip trees over there also (small green thing thin skinned with flesh cover seed on inside taste good and is sweet bet that would be differnt also.
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