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newbie from the Congo!

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I just joined the site a while back and really enjoy all the helpful information. I have been smoking meat, mostly chickens and pork shoulders for over a year now. I have Silver smoker that I plan to modify soon with the tips I have found here so that I can take it up another notch. Once that is done I will post some pics along with some q-view a la congolaise.
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Welcome to the forum Congosmoker!! Lots of good info and people hear to give you a hand. You might consider taking Jeff's 5-day smoking course....look on the left near the top. Even though you have done this awhile you will no doubt find some useful info.
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How COOL! Welcome to SMF Congo! Hey... they got those pirannah down there? err wait... wrong arera? Anyway..welcome and enjoy!
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welcome aboard-glad to have 1 from so far away-Well Rich is also but we excuse him.along with your smokes maybe q-view of your area also.
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Welcome to SMF, congo! Glad to have you with us.

I'm looking forward to seeing and hearing about your smoking experiences. It's always interesting to hear how things are done in other parts of the country and the world. icon_smile.gif
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Welcome to the forum its a great place lots of friendly people. I like Qview but pictures of your area would be great too. Have fun and good smokin
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Hey Congo... welcome to SMF! Just wondering, are you a native, or are you with the peace corps or something? I remember 1996-97 when that place was quite hot... we actually had plans to come down to help restore some order, but never did. Can't remember if UN sent others or what.

Anyhow, welcome again!
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Welcome Congosmoker

Welcome to the smf. Great place with lots of good info and friendly people. I'm sure you will enjoy your time here.

Happy Smokin

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Welcome to the SMF.
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Congo Smoker,
Welcome aboard! How did you find us? As mentioned is another post, it's especially interesting to have people from other parts of the world to tell us of the types of wood, meats etc. Also pictures of your smokes and area are great. Again, welcome aboard.
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Thanks for the welcome everyone. We are american missionaries and were evacuated out in 96 when the war started but returned ater on There is a stong UN presence here.
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I forgot to mention that I found you via the smoking meat web site. For now I am using natural lump charcoal - the only kind there is here. I throw in some mango chunks as well. I hope to try more woods in the future. I'll let you know how it turns out.
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Best thing you could use, Bud... interesting what flavor or "smoke" woods you have...mango..Hmm..interesting!
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Welcome, Congo!! To echo everyone else's sentiments, it's awesome to have someone from your area!

Looking forward to your q-vue pics and the types you're cooking, with what's available. biggrin.gif
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Welcome aboard, glad to have ya!
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Welcome aboard..........Glad you found us here and glad you stopped lurking...........
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Welcome to SMF. We're slowly becoming world wide.
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Welcome to the SMF, I see you have some smokes under your belt. Read around the different forums, there is a great knowledge base available to thiose that like to read.
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Welcome, This is a great site. Lookin forward to some CONGO VIEW
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welcome!! cant wait to see the qview from your local cuts
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