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this was my second smoke. the first was ribs that came out great, my second was a fresh but that pulled great but tasted like chemicals. i smoked for about 6 hrs at 250 and finished wrapped in foil till it came to temp then let it rest in a cooler for an hour or so, it pulled perfect, the rub was one that i found on line. it tasted like i needed more sauce and less chemical. my cloths smell great, my meat, not so much. what happened.
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While you were smoking, was the smoke a thin blue line or puffy clouds !?
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And how much lighter fluid did you use to get the flame started or to keep it burning? What kind of fuel?
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Sounds like the creosote curse my friend. Keep that smoke thin and blue and you will be much happier with your finished results.

Seoboke I hope you were kidding about the lighter fluid.
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whats a fresh?
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I think he meant Fresh BUTT.
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gotta LUV fresh butt..........LLOLOL
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Not knowing what equipment you are using I'm going to say that you had a creosote problem. Too much smoke will definitly cause the chemical taste. If you used lighter fluid - stop that and get a chimney to start your coals.

Keep the smoke thin and blue - almost invisible if possible.
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what joe said.........specially bout lighter fluid..........
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all quote's aside what was your exhaust smoke lookin like ? ya said your clothes smelled great so you must a been far enough away from it ? explain if ya can what bad taste the meat had please ?
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I kinda have the same taste problem with electric.
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what don't like quotes?
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ok, it was a fresh butt, the smoke seemed thin and blue, lump charcoal in a chimney starter for fuel, could i have smoked too long, how long for smoke if i finish wrapped in oil till done, my wife say the fridge smells like smoke, but the texture was perfect
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