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North Carolina Associated Woods

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Question, can someone tell me what wood would be most associated with North Carolina bbq? I have a feeling it is oak, but I'm not sure??? I will be doing a pork butt on my in-laws vacation down in Emerald Isle, NC and want to try and make it as authentic to the region as possible.
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I'm in South Carolina and I would venture to guess that hickory, pecan and oak is used alot. Although pine is probably the tree you see most, noone would use that :) ( i had to through that in) Just head to your local Walmart or lowes and grab you a bag of hickory to use with your choice of charcoal.
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I grew up in North Carolina ..... Sanford early and Charlotte later. Without a doubt, Hickory was the wood to use. I still visit my Mom up there and enjoy trying the old Q joints. Hickory is still the wood to use.
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Well, I guess hickory it is then!
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Don't want to try the Pine huh?
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You can find oak everywhere. I use apple or cherry for flavor then oak or maple for heat. Go to a place that sells firewood, they can hook you up.

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Yer a Baaaad man, Gooose...LOL! PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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One of the ways you get nominated for membership in the Order of the Thin Blue smoke is helping people......that's all i'm trying to do.....icon_rolleyes.gif
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