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First Brisket Smoke Today with Q-View

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Hi All,
Well, I was up at 5:00 AM with the birds this morning getting the 12 LB 6 Oz brisket out of the fridge that I prepared Saturday night. The cap was scored and then I applied Jeff's rub and wrapped in saran wrap and left in the fridge overnight. I discovered that I would have to cut the packer in half to fit it in the smoker, so I did so. Laid the two pieces on the middle two racks of the smoker after it was up to 225 Deg. and let them go. I used Hickory chunks for this smoke. I put them in around 6:10 AM.This is kind of a breakdown on how the smoke went.

Brisket goes in smoker at 6:10 AM Outside temperature 43.3 Degrees
After one hour Internal temp on one 77 Deg. and the other half 59 Deg.
After five hours both were at 154 deg. Smoker temp was 235 Deg. Plateu was reached about 5 hours and 15 minutes at 159 Deg. around 11:25 AM.
Pulled the brisket halves at 3:30 PM when internal temp reached 177 Deg.
Foiled them and wrapped in towls and put in cooler. Took the first one out of the cooler in an hour and a half to slice for supper. Sliced across grain of meat. It was good I thought, except it didn't have the smoke ring I was looking for. We left the second half wrapped in the cooler for another 3 hours. Wow!! the second one was melt in your mouth delicious. I never opened the smoker door once during this smoke.

We all enjoyed the brisket for supper tonight along with some cowboy potatoes. I learned a couple of things today that will help me with my next brisket smoke. First of all, I will add more chunks of hickory for a longer smoke time. Second I will leave it in the cooler longer for that melt in your mouth sensation like I had with the second half that was in the cooler longer. We sliced the whole brisket and ate what we needed for supper tonight and will shrink wrap the rest of it for a few more meals.


Ready for the smoker

In the smoker at 6:10 AM

Finished Brisket


All sliced up

Dads Helper and guard dog PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif

Waiting for the brisket to be done

Hope you enjoyed the view.

Happy Smokin

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Ya done good, real good looking brisket congrats.... nice pics too
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Congrats it sure looks good PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif may have been your first but I'm sure it won't be your last if it tasted as good as it looks
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The brisket looks great !!!
I have went overnight (6 hour sleep) in towel wrap and in the cooler before pulling it and the meat is still steaming hot/warm; but very moist. Congrats on a great smoke !!!
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Glad to see someone else in the southwest uses hickory, don't get me wrong, born and raised in w texas and i love mequite but hickory just kicks it over the top. brisket looks great. keep it going

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Lookin' good.
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That's some great looking brisket! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Great looking briskets.............Good job.................Mouth watering...............
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Lawdog...Actually I live in Minnesota. Picked up the Oklahoma City Bass Pro T-shirt when I was visiting friends down that way. I normally have been using oak or apple on most of my smokes, but wanted to try the hickory for a change of pace. I was happy with the results as it did have a nice smoked flavor, just not quite enough. Next time I will refill the chip box during the smoke which I did not do during this one. I will use the hickory again as I liked the flavor.

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The grub looked great, Steve!! Nice smoker you've got there, too!
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Awesome lookin brisket!! My first just turned out "OK" (in my opinion - the guests loved it). You've inspired me to give it another try real soon!!
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Good looking brisket steve. Nice rig too! One thing that will make the brisket melt in your mouth to is foil at 170 and bring the internal temp. to 190 or even 200 deg. then wrap with towels and cooler it. Got that from dutches sticky worked great on mine saturday.

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sorry for the mix up fun,
there is a Farmington NM, and my dyslexia kicked in on the states.
nonetheless, the cook looks great, keep up the good work.

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Steve what model is your cabelas smoker? Been thinking about a propane for long smokes like Pork butts and thing like that. That way I don't have to watch it quite so much.

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Food looks great. nice job
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Model #

CrewCab 4x4....The model # is XH-516745. It's the 16x16x48" stainless model. It is on their website. I'm pretty pleased with it so far. I'm glad I didn't get the smaller one. This one gives me the room if I want to do a larger smoke if we have guests over. Hope this helps.

Happy Smokin

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Thanks Steve for the info. I'll check it out. I think if I got one I would get the bigger one to. Thats what caught my eye the shiny stainless and the size would be nice to have. I really like my chargriller and have had great success with it. But it wouldn't hurt to have another smoker for bigger smokes. Thanks again Steve.

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