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for the bottom butt I am using a reg meat thermometer that i just stick in there. Also when i pull them out to wrap in foil I can shove one in the bottom butt.
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Looks like your well on your way to having some fine pig candy! Looks great Mick! Thanks for sharing.
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Wow Mick...looking good. Sorry I am coming to the party a bit late but you seem to be doing just fine. I am still thinking about ways for our real time q-view cam. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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about 4 hours into the smoke and temps areat 156.

Yeh we need to work sothing out cause realtime q-view would be sweet.

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Right now the temps on them is at 163 internal. I am getting ready to pull them ou and wrap them i foil and spray them some more
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mick........i see one of your photobucket pics didn't come thru........are you also having problems with your photo's loading as i am here?
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which one didnt come through? I know what my problem is. I uploaded the direct link on hee, then i moved the photo in photobucket to my folder and instead of reading text i clicked ok. So i broke the link to the pic
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Looking real good. Nice color on those butts. What was that orange flame shooting into the smoker on the left side of the pic?
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that was from the heat box under the water thingie. No arm hairs were burnt in the making of the pics :)
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Looks great and going pretty quick so far PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Here they are just before being wrapped in foil at 165

So far everything seems to be going ok. Best Monday I have had in awhile.

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Looking good have a beer for me. You finishing on the smoker or in the oven?
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Put them back in the smoker, i am enjoying the sunshine and 80 degree day today. Left the crown at home so think it will be morgan today.
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OH yea got the big dog out today enjoy your day off and the great weatherPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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left the crown at home?...........thought you WAS home doing these mick.........looking GREAT..........can't wait to see em pulled..........
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He pulled out the Captain and hes actually off work I hope we get pulled pics biggrin.gif
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i know he is off werk today piney........today and tomorrow.........but thought he would spend his days off at home...........since he has his smoker with him?
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Hey WD the Captain, a smoker, a laptop, a camera heck he could be anywhere you looked out the window lately biggrin.gif
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wow.........a upright propane smoker on a trailor........can't beat that.......
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Yeh I am at the ex's place. I have my smoker etc set up there. When I left my place 2 blocks away I left my crown there, so I have capt here. When the kid saw me light the thing up this morning she wanted to stay home from school and enjoy the fun of smoking.
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