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Here is my next smoke

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and now with rub on
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Looks good gonna be a good day when you fire that smoker up and get to chill awhile. Oh Happy Birthday was it yesterday or today?
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when you smoking them bad boys?
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Thanks for birthda wishes, my b'day was friday. Gonna fire the smoker up about 7-8 or round that time tomorrow morning. Good day to be off a its supposed to be about 82 degrees tomorrow.
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Mick - those look fantastic!! Worth taking a day off work to smoke those babies. Please keep up the q-vue so we can salivate along with you.
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My days off are monday and tuesday so be nice and quiet. Kick back and enjoy the smoke. I will have my laptop out there and digital camera with me. Got 2 meat thermometers for my birthday so i am ready to go.
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Those are gonna be good Mick! Have a good smoke buddy!
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happy belated buddy-enjoy the smoke and q view
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I will be posting pics all throughout the day. total weight of the 3 butts is about 20lbs.
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Them butts look good Mick. Good luck with the smoke. That's definitely the way to spend a Monday. PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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Those look NICE!! If they taste half as good as they look you'll have yourself an awsome meal.
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Well let me start by saying, "Happy Birthday" sorry bro, didn't know. Now of to the smoke....
Nice looking butt you got there and the meat looks great too. LOL
Have fun with the smoke and will be waiting for the progress.
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Well the butts are in the smoker and everythig seems to be going along good. I dont have a heat problem now. Nice sight with smoke coming out of the big black box.

Temp on 2 of the butts is 50 degrees.

Now i am working on getting the heat thing tweeked by messing with the thingamajigs on the side.

Hope everyone is enjoying their Monday..I know I am

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another of the smoke

Here are the butts. i could've prob got the therms in better or a diff place.
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Looks like you got a full day ahead of you. How did you get you smoker temp up? Were you able to find lump charcoal? Good luck today and happy belated birthday!
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It's looking good Mick, keep it going low and slow and you won't be disappointed. When you get to the plateau (if there is one) keep it steady. Nice tbs you got going.

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I just looked at the pics again and see you found the lump charcoal. congrats!

Anyway, is that the only change you made to get the temp up? Just wondering. Good luck, you'll do great!
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yeh i found the lump charcoal in claremore and I have a new heat basket made from expanded metal ad i am happy with it.

Right no the internal on 2 of the butts is 130/115 and been in for about 2-2.5 hours
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Looking real good Mick,

I am not anywhere close to being an expert as some of the other guys (and gals) on here but I would suggest in the future putting one of the temp probes in the bottom butt. You are closer to the heat source/water bowl so your internal temp could be much different.

But again....that is just my opinion. And it is probably worth $.01 in Aussie dollars.
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