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Smoked shoulder

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Well, i have the pork shoulder on and cookin at 225 deg. It's been on for right about 4.5 hours and is lookin real good. I'm gona pull when it's done with the finishing sauce that Jeff has posted. Now i was wondering what would be a good way to serve it. I was jus thinking of putting it on some french bread with some cheese.
I read somthing about a "sammie" and was wondering what exactly that is.
Oh, i was gona make some ABT's and some grilled patato's with the pork.
will post some pics when done.
Any ideas about serving the pork would be greatly appreciated. icon_smile.gif
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There ain't a bad way to serve good pulled pork
Have you tried a sandwich with pork and coleslaw on it?
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yeah navi............sandwich..........i HATE that word sammie..........its a rachel ray term...........LOVE HER, cept for that word.......that and SMASHED potatoes............
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Oh. ok. I thought that it was something special. lol
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Its always special when its got some good smoked pork on it biggrin.gif
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smoked pulled pork with a little finishing sauce & cole slaw on just about any kinda bread-makes a great samich.good luck.
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here we go again...........coleslaw on a sandwich..........*GAG*

don't get me wrong......i LOVE slaw........just not on a bun
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WD it makes it easier don't need a fork and it takes up less room on the plate biggrin.gif
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sloppy.......just sloppy.........cool.gif
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The only way to go. Yum!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Maybe this could be Jeff's next pole huh Dude? I think you would be suprised at how many love it like that.just cuz YOU don't.
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i am not the only one here thats had that same feeling..........just alone atm........LOLOLOLOLOL
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Count me with you D88de. (just the way I grew up eating it. Tried it a lot in NC and could not convert)
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Actually I haven't tried it yet biggrin.gif
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I'll try anything once...well, almost anything. i'll try a bit 'o slaw on the sandwich jus to see if i'll like it.
Well, the ABT's are on and the shoulder is lookin fine. It's almost at 165 deg in the middle and looks moist as heck.
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Had em both ways, like it with and without, just depends on how and who is servin it.
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Sammy sammy sammy sammy sammy sammy sammyPDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
Sammy sammy sammmy sammmyPDT_Armataz_01_27.gif

Sammy sammy sammy

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LMAO, They'll be in a "sammy"
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ok, like i promised. here are the shoulder pics. i finished them with jeff's finishing sauce placed on a toasted hoagie with the ABT's.
OMG this was the best pulled pork i have ever had. This was worth waiting all day to eat this. enjoy the pics, they were 10x better tasting than what they look like in the pics

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now that's a SAMMY!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif Thats some good looking grub! Nice job.
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