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QView - Spares on Sale

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Spare Ribs were on sale for $1.99/lb at Fry's so I decided to fire-up the ol' ECB. They were so big, however, that I had to cut them in half to get them on the racks! eek.gif

If she likes them, perhaps I can persuade the wife that a bigger smoker would have made them even better! If they don't turn out, blame it on the ECB... icon_smile.gif

#1 - After a good rub and overnight rest in the fridge
#2 - on the ol' ECB and cut in half.
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Uncle Flappy - nice job on those ribs! I've got an ECB and have to cut my slabs in half as well. Need to invest in a rib rack to maximize the space icon_razz.gif

What kind of wood are you using on those baby's?
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Lots of Mesquite here in AZ so I am using mostly that although I will probably toss in some Hickory and Apple chips I picked up a while back up from Wally World. No secret recipe; just whatever is in arm's reach.
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Sounds great, whatever gets the precious TBS out of your smoker is all that matters biggrin.gif
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Those be some good lookin vittles indeed! I'm shootin for another smoker this fall or winter, will have to see, if I get the caterin thing movin that would be a real good excuse for that new stainless steel 48 inch unit a cabela's!
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Ribs look great. Any excuse is a good excuse when you are trying for a new smoker.
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Nice looking ribs!! Hope the wife does enjoy them on the chance for a new smoker.

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I always love ribs on the ECB. Hope you got extras at 1.99. I was looking at 4.99 this morning when I bought a butt.
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Good price and great lookin chow. Hope the quest for the new smoker goes well. Good luck.

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U Flappy,

You can't beat the ECB for a quick fix. We run into same problem w/ ribs. But she'll smoke'm just fine. Looks good.
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