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London Broil - 1st try

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With all of the reading and chatting with the SMF gang, I've finally worked up the guts to try a london broil. Up to this point, the only meats I've smoked have been pork (i.e. ribs, bb, pork loin) and have been really excited to try a piece of beef.

The LB was marinated for 15 hours in a mojo marinade. While I was getting the fire ready, the meat sat on the counter to get to room temp. Using Duraflame hardwood briquettes and hickory chips, I got the smoker temp to 250 deg. and placed the hunk o' meat on the grills. I didn't sear the meat, will have to try that next time.

I've been able to maintain the internal smoker temp around 225 to 250 deg. and after an hour of cook time the meat is already at 135.

Will take it to 145 - 150 (we're wussies and like our meat cooked) and pull to tent and rest.

For now, here is some q-vue <I wouldn't dare post a thread without any> icon_smile.gif

Thanks to the SMF gang for all the help. Couldn't have done this without their posts.
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Looks good keep the Qview coming PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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looking good sumo-next it will be a brisket.
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Thanks Piney, and Desert! I am working my way to the merry land of brisket.

Had to add some more wood chips to the little cast iron box I am using, for the first time. Not sure I'm liking that method as much as my prior method of throwing chunks of hickory into the fire. Will have to try it a few more times to really form my opinion.

The TBS is flowing nicely and the smell is scrumptious. Should be timed perfectly for a nice dinner. More q-vue to come.
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Sounds great don't forget to let it stand awhile before slicing. Look forward to more mouth watering Qview I'm gettin hungry
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I pulled the LB at 165 internal and it rested in a tented aluminum foil house for about an hour while I prepared the other grub. The surprise was how quickly the LB cooked! I had it off within 2 and 1/2 hours. After doing pork smokes that last a minimum of 6 hours, this was quick!

Side items included boiled white potatoes in salt water, doused with butter, corn on the cob, and sauté sweet onions and peppers.

Overall, husband enjoyed the dinner. The smoke flavor was really good and he didn't mind the lb being "cooked". It was a tad chewy IMO, however bearable.

Two major improvements for next attempt:
a. Get an electric dig. thermometer with a probe. That manual big dial probe was awkward and had to be moved around to be sure it wasn't too close to the bottom or the top.

b. Pull lb off earlier as it cooked quite a bit after it was tented in foil. I read the posts about pulling around 130 but we're medium cooked beef people and I was afraid it would be too rare at 130. Live and learn .... at least it was still edible icon_redface.gif

Here are some final pics of how dinner turned out. Will definitely try again. Found something hubby enjoyes redface.gif
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Looks good PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif when you do your brisket don't expect it to be so quick tho biggrin.gif
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Looks Real Good.
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That is awesome. Are you sure that was your first time? LOL
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Thanks Andy! Yeah, it was my first LB smoke. Many more to come 'cause it scored points with hubby. Wish they would come down in price some, I paid $3.49 / lb ON SALE!
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