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Pecan Wood...Where to get it?

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Next friday I'm driving down to Datona Beach Fla. Does any one know where I could get some pecan wood not too far off of I-95.We are leaving from Philly around midnight so Sat. morning I should be in the Carolinas.I could even get it on the way home.How much should I pay? I'm not talkin' a truck load.Maybe 50 lbs. Thanks in advance.
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Just bought some from Dillons. Also known as Krogers. 10.00 for what feels to be about 30 lbs. Only my second time with pecan but I do love the flavor and the way it burns.
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ALOT of pecan trees down there-search for some orchards close to the highway your gonna be on and give them a call ahead of time-there always thinning pecan trees. good luck
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Damn I wish I could find pecon wood up here in ND......
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georgia also has alot of pecan trees.....should be easy to find.........
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ken...........went there..........trying to see what shipping was going to be.............looks like they won't tell you till after you submit your cc #........and total price will be emailed to you............kinda like buying a pig in the poke isn't?
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I've been looking for agood place to find pecan myself $$$$

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so 40-50 dollars then for a 50 lb bag............ouch
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If you have an Academy Sports store close by, you can get 1.5 Cu.Ft. bags of Pecan, Hickory or Mesquite for $9.95.

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It's really nice that all of you have input but none of you really answered my question. Thanks anyway.
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Like Des said look in a phone book for a Pecan Farm. They would have some pecan around. Probably the cheapest there. Im lucky w/ pecan a farm is only 60 mi away. Good Luck.
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camo.............looks like Ken,here, answered your question.........guess you musta passed over it..............huh?
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Try to locate a dillons on your trip route and call to see if they have it before you stop. Do a search for dillons and see if they give store locations and phone #'s
I'm going to call my sister in atlanta and have her find me some and bring it in may when she comes home to visit.

Good luck
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I looked in my local paper in the classified ads. I picked up what's supposed to be a freshly cut down pecan tree today, filled the bed of my truck. It was in a well established neighborhood one block off a street named "Pecan Orchard Blvd" here in Huntsville.

I'll post pics of it tomorrow to confirm it really is pecan.


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I just picked up a 10 lb bag today at my local Ace Hardware store today for $5.99. They also have hickory, mesquite, apple, and cherry. I got chunks, but they have logs also. Best selection I have seen around here in MO.
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