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Fatty was excellent as usual.....

By imn88fan

Brisket was good, shoulda added a lil liquid at foiling but perfect as far as tender, love the Pecan flavor!!

By imn88fan

Add a lil skillet cornbread and salad and dinners served!

By imn88fan
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Its the red one in this pic, need to get er done this week!!

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Nice job bubba, barrel needs a white stripe and a winged wheel!

Plate of food looks real nice! Points!
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Do you have the fatty wrapped in bacon ???
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Nice looking Q, Bubba.
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Yes i do, had a blow out while rolling, bacon keeps it all together (cheating) and everybody loves smoked bacon!! biggrin.gif
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Sounds great..What did you stuff it with ??
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Great job. Nice smoke ring. Now you've got me wanting to try one next weekend.
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Girls wanted a stuffed fattie, sauted some peppers and onion, added some Jack cheese and rolled in bacon...

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you didn't see the pictures in the beginning of this thread?
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