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two butts for sunday

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Picked up a couple of 8# butts @ sam's today. got them slathered in mustard and covered in rub and in the fridge for smoke on sun. Gonna do these 2 in the MES with brickettes for smoke ring, hickory for smoke. gonna try my first fatty, venison "hot" just lookin for fillers for it. gotta put a couple of pick of the "before". more to come.

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Nice start - lawdog. Good luck with the overall smoke!

You pulling or slicing those? I'm salivating at the mere thought of either!
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I got 2 ready for tomorrow also rubbed and ready for early am good luck with your smoke

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I am going to pull these 2, gonna eat what we eat and the rest go to the momeless kitchen that I cook for every month. gonna use soflaquer's fiishing sauce and wifey is gonna make some slaw for pp sandwiches.

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Sounds great lawdog! Keep that Q-view comin.

You're a doing great work by cooking for the kitchen every month. Keep it up buster.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Lookin great at the starting line. Waiting to results.
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Those look good! Have a good smoke!
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got them on @130pm, just a pick of some tbs and going into the smoker.
wife is picking up marinara, black olives and cheese, gonna do the venison fatty as a pizza a little later.
more to come.

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Looks good PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif keep the Qview coming for those of us not smokin today
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internal temp @ 100* at 430, started spraying with apple cider.
my first attempt at rolling a fatty was a disaster. used marinara and cheese as filling, just couldn't get it to hold together. I should have used 2 lbs instead of one. I hope I saved what looks more like a couple of stuffed meatballs.
more to follow

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They look fine try spraying the wax paper with Pam the next time but anyway they get on there they come out one way GOOD
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Looks good dog: I don't spray my wax paper, but keep the meat as cold as you can so it dosen't wan't to stick to the paper. 2 pounds will work better for stuffing a fatty. Never done one with sauce inside it, that might tend to keep the meat from sticking together, not sure, wonder if a guy could inject the sauce into the fatty after rollin? Have to experiment with that some. Nice work nomatter what!
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pulled the "fattys" they on't look pretty but damn they taste good. My wife doesn't like breakfast sausage or marinara, but I only got a pic of the 2nd one cause the first one was destroyed to quickly.
6 hours in and butts are @ 149 and spitzing every hour with aj. gonna foil @ 160and throw back in.
again.......more to come

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WOW, that is awesome Dog. Is there any left for me to try??
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Thanks for the q view, lawdog.
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Looks great. Hope it tasted just as good.
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900pm and I finally reached 165*, pulled off smoker, snapped quick pic, foiled and then back on the MES till they hit 200*.
Thank you for remote digital thermo with hi/lo alarm.
Guess I will be up sometime during the night to finish up.
will post finishedpics tomorrow.

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Loos great PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Good looking grub................Tip on the fatty rolling, wax paper and pam spray works great and chill the sausage, rolls better when cool............. Fatties look tasty............
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Well folks,
pulled them off the smoker about 130am @196* enternal, left them wrapped and into the coolder the went, got up early this morn (had to pull a couple hours of sleep) and pulled them.
the bone just pulled right out of both and they just fell apart in my hands.
definatly much better than the one I had tried pre joining the SMF.
Thanks to all for the help yall have been over the last several months. because of this site my Que hasstepped up to a level that is unbelivable.
thanks again.

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