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Don't you wish....

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Don't you wish they would hurry up and invent smellivision?

Here's the beginning:

And the weapon of choice to start smokin':

....speaking of smokin' hehehe:

...anyway..back to business. More coming soon once they come out of the smoker. Until then, everyone sit back and enjoy the ride and have a drink on me:

OK - well....

Other weapon of choice:

ABTs!! Whoa - those look a little hot! Anything to cool it down?

What? OMG you noob!! Nooooo!!!


So - anyway. Here's the story. The ribs got done. My neighbor was in an obvously huge hurry to feed his family, so I handed the ribs over. By the time I got there - GONE!! Every last one. No pix........none.

So, with great regret - I don't even have a pic to show you. But on the upside - everyone said they were GREAT! Very moist, fell off the bone. So......I guess I'll just have to try it again. Next time - graphics.
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EVERYTHING looks great !!! Be sure and keep us updated with the progress.....
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I wish they would invent smellovision one day maybe ? ya never know.
Nice lookin grub to. What kind of rig do you have dakota? Don't go drivin that vette around after the drink though. Nice ride by the way!!

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Did you soak those ribs in some of that Crown Royal?
Looking great.
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Nope, I saved the Crown for myself. I just used a spiced up dry rub for the ribs.
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Sorry but thats just a tease!! icon_evil.gifwink.gifbiggrin.gif
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Are you sure you cooked em or maybe partook of the sprits and thought you did after all I don't see the Qview biggrin.gif lol next time
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DG - is this the first time you've used your smoker? That's a Bradley electric digital smoker, isn't it? My husband was considering one of those for me before his Mom told him that she was getting me one instead.

I'm loving my little ECB but will eventually want to graduate to a bigger smoker. Just curious what you've thought of the Bradley?

Wait ... if there aren't any pics of the finished product, is it possible the thing didn't work at all??? confused.gifPDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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OK - neighbor saved the day. He took a pix and sent it to me. Unfortunately yet, still no pix of them cut, but will next time.

Yes, that is the Bradley 4 rack digital smoker. Very easy. I've had it for about 2 years and used it several times. It works good.The biggest complaint that I have is it's kind of small. For ribs, you have to cut them in half because they won't fit the full length. The other is the cost of the "pucks" (wood used in Bradleys are exclusive) are about $23, but it's about 160 hours of smoking.

I did a little test on it yesterday. I had the temp set at 220 and put a thermo inside it. It was about 15 to 20 degrees off so I reset the smoker temp up that much. This worked, but it's rather disappointing I had to do it. Just something you may want to keep in mind. This appears to be a common factor in a lot of electric smokers.
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Looks like smoked ribs to me..... Nice job.
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They look good PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Nice looking ribs! Way to come through with the q-vue!!

That's helpful information, thanks for that. For now, I enjoy the art of having to create the fire and maintain temps and smoke. An electric would take the fun out of it for me at this stage in my smoking career biggrin.gif
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