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A spare lunch

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Done a rack of spares and zippy fries, the dots loved it, not too spicey/hot. REALLY like this WSM, not sure how much the "Big Hor (izon)" will be getten used now.
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The spares look great !!!
What are zippy fries, I must have missed that recipe?
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The spares do look awesome. Wish I could have one I'm hungry.

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Ziipy fries, quarterd taters, olive oil(rubed) and bbq rub. I add a little xtra koser salt to mine. Iuse yukon gold taters, they stay fluffy not hard or mushy. The dots have to have them every time i cook smothing on the smoker or grill.
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Lookin yummy Buzz
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Tasty lookin' lunch, the zippy fries stay in the smoker as long as the ribs?
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These sound great, buzz! Thanks for sharing the recipe, I'm definitely tossing some of these in the smoker when I do my next smoke. icon_biggrin.gif
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Looks good buzz, Gettin hungry, breakfest is gone, might have to snake on some ABT's before long. Keep up the good work!
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Im thinking of getting a WSM. How do you like it, how is the heat control, clean up, etc.
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Temp control is fairly easy, i just do the minion method, along with some buried wood,just got to figure out how much charcol i need. started it up at 5am, about half full on the charcol basket, add some more pieces of wood, small, and it was still 200* at 2:30pm. i just need some mre time with it, clean up not too bad, pull the racks out and wipe/brush off,clean out the water pan and dump the ash. I'm really gonna like this thing, just got to remember to cut my wood smaller to fit this thing, my offset will take some long peices.
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looking good buzz........looking good.........yeah........smaller smokers are nice for smaller smokes..........i got abts, wings, and armadillo eggs on right now, on the will appreciate the less fuel you will use........
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Looks good buzz like the taters too PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I think you sold me on it!
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ya, i wish i would got one sooner.
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