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new kid on the block says hello

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Hello everyone I've never smoked meat before but love ukrainian sausage so I thought I'd make my own. I have an old fridge, all metal from the 50s that I'm turning into a smoker but really have no idea what I'm doing any sugestions would be greatly appreciated.I would also like to know about meats for sausage, grinding, mixing and stuffing. As you can see I'm as green as one can get. Thanking all who help me get started.
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Welcome to the forum Halibut. Glad you found us. There is a vast amount to knowledge here just ask away.
As far as the old fridge goes, what are your intentions? Hot smoke (low temp cooking and smoking 200 - 250 deg) Cold smoke (around 100 deg). There are many options to produce either of these. Other things to consider is how you want to produce the smoke. Electricity, propane, charcol. Do some searchs within the forum, all of the above have been talked about.

Don't forget to take Jeff's 5 day e-course (it's free and has alot of great information in it).

Let's see some q-view pics of the fridge and we will help you out.
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Welcome to the SMF Halibut...Andy is correct about the amount of info available here....there is an entire forum on sausage making....and one for smoking equipment & a whole lot of great folks here that are willing to help with any questions you have.

Do a little browsing through the site and ask some questions.....we'll have you smokin' in no time!!

Again, Welcome!
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Welcome to the "answer " site. You'll get plenty of help here.
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Welcome to SMF. Ask away, someone will be along with the answer.
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Hey, welcome aboard.
Anything you could possibly ask is probably listed somewhere here.
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Welcome to the forum
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Welcome to the smf...........great place here and great people...........
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Welcome. The SMF will not let you down.
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Glad you joined us and welcome to SMF, freindliest site on the internet !!!

Tell us a little more about your fridge smoker plans so far, first what are your plans for a heat source? Charcoal, electric, propane, etc?

I have made a couple of them that have turned out to be great sausage smoking machines. Took quite a bit of playing around with the first one till my heat, ventilation and smoke was right. I have ended up being a propane fridge smoking type a guy.

You have joined the right site, there is a wealth of knowledge here, and ideas, tips and recipes are shared generously; I have learned a ton since I joined.
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