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Butt's On! Pics to follow later.

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Well, this weekends smoke has started. 7 AM I put the 8 pound butt on, later I will add chicken wings and a fatty. Sometime today, I am goin to do a batch of ABT's.

Gotta hang a ceiling fan and finish closet organizers, and watch the smoker, gonna be a busy day, but tastey! As things move along I'll take some pics and post later.
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Sounds like a full day. But in the end, when its time to eat, it will be all worth it with your awesome Q's. Will be waiting for the progress and the end results.
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Sounds like a plan. I got some of the same type of stuff to do today, while watching the smoker purr along !icon_smile.gif
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sounds like fun, I hung fans yesterday and smoked ribs. I am trying butts tomorrow. I am very interested in how they turn out.

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Butt smoke update:

Ok, butts comin along nicely. ABT's are on and so is the two cheese fatty. Will post pics a bit later, trying to go bout 6 directions at once today.
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Your grub sounds awfully tasty, Trav! With all those chores you've done, that meal will be well earned when you sit down to eat. biggrin.gif
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Some quick pics:

Momma had to go get stuff, so here are some quick pics before I get caught:

The start of the pork butt.

The two cheese fatty.

The ABT's ready to smoke.

The ABT's after bout 2 1/2 hours.
Will post more pics of the butt and the fatty a bit latter.
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I'm starving!! Good looking grub Trav

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Looks great Trav. You put some of that Special K in the fatty too? LOL
ABT's look great too. Bet they were tasty.
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The finished product.

Here it all is done at last!

Ready to foil.

The fatty is out!

Sliced and soon gone!

The pork butt after a nice rest.

Pulled with finishing sauce. Ready for sammies and some mahogany sauce.

It was a long day, butt took bout 10 1/2 hours to cook, but it is really tender and juicy! I did this butt fat cap up, took a bit longer then the last one, but I'm thinkin it is the way to go!
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everything looks great! Good job, I bet it taste good.

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Looks mighty tasty Trav. Get all of the chores done?

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Got a couple to finish tomorrow, then it's a day of rest, except I'm doin chicken wings.
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You the man... Another awesome smoke.
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nice looking meal wink.gif
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