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Looks like another excellent smoke Capt. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Nice Dan... really nice :{)
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As usual Dan, this a superb---absolutely scrumptious!!!!

Question about your quote "got a bunch of italian sausage given to me by my butcher, so I rolled up some fatties, 2 with pepperjack, and 2 with Mozzi."

Did you somehow convert the free itialian sausage to fatties---if so, what did you do, re-grind em?

Again, Awesome Dan:-)

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That is a nice looking brisket. Did one today myself, it turned out great got it for 1.67 a #. It was'nt fresh cut from the butcher like yours though.

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Steve, the sausage was in chub form, bob evans makes an italian flavor, kinda like the italian sausage for pizza. They turned out very good. Probably shoulda done a pizza flavored one.
Crew, I think that the hand cut ones are a bit more expensive than the cryovacked ones and well worth it too. I will see next sat!icon_smile.gif

Well, sorry about the delay on the conclusion of the Q-view. The bonfire pit had me hostage for awhile. What a great day weather wise today, and the evening was just as fine. Been up for almost 20 hrs now!PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif

Here is the sliced clod portion. Took it to 182 internal, rested it for 2 hrs. The temp after the rest was still 177.

these two pics turned out blurry, sorry. The knife sliced through nicely, and the taste was very good.

The pulled clod!

Took this half of the clod to 205 13 hrs. and 15 minutes from the time I put it in the smoker. This rested for another 90 minutes, and the temp was 188 after the rest. Very hot during the pull. It pulled very nicely, actually easier than a pork butt. Very nice flavor, very little fat in the meat itself, just the outside cap. Seperated the fat from the drippings and threw the fat away, and re seasoned both batches with the leftover juices.
I am pretty happy with this shoulder clod experience. I have done quite a few chuck roast, and rolls, this is my first shoulder clod. It is by far the easiest pulling beef I have ever done. I wish the pics woulda turned out better.

The net amount of meat from 19.54 lbs, was just over 10 lbs. I'll be doing more of these in the future, especially at $1.99 a lb.

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Great looking Smoke Capt. I just pulled my first chuck roast off bout 20 min. ago letting it rest a while before pulling. It took almost 12 hrs. I got mine out of the freezer from the side of beef we bought last fall. Saw your posts and was thinking about doing them anyway so I gave it a try.

BTW where is the next meeting of msa(meat smokers anonymous)? I think I am an addict!!!
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One thing I forgot to mention last night(too many iced teas) was the plateau on the clod was about 3 hrs. It got to 158 and sat there for an hr,dropped to 156 and stayed for another hr, then back up to 160 and stayed for about 50-55 minutes before it continued on its way!

Looks like another gorgeous day today. Missed the forcasted rain yesterday.

Let's go wings!!
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Looks good. I plan to stop by there to watch and learn on Sat.
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Dan, everything looks just great!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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10 days in fridg???????

After I read that, I had to educate myself on the aging beef process. Article says fridge can't doit. needs temps of 30/40 to age. Please tell me you r doing this right. I still read lots here. can't break the habbit. Capt. Dan is most respected. TJ
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My meat fridge is set for 33-34 degrees, sits in the garage, on busy use days, it gets up to 40 degrees, but usually sits around 33-34 degrees! Great for beer, but its usually very full of meat!

and its about full right now for this weekends hired smoke in eastern Michigan. 6 butts and 3 packers. 47.5 lbs of brisket, and 42.7 lbs of butts. Momma Lang will be pretty full on Sat morning.

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