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Its 5:00 AM, do you know where your pork is?

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I just put on my second attempt at the pulled pork...armed with a new rub, non-soaked hickory chunks, and a cup of good coffee. I started my electric ECB at 2:30 AM to warm it up, and took my meat out of the ice box to warm it up. My 8.5 pound shoulder roast should be ready at 6PM. Wish me luck, and thanks for all the help ... I think I have TBS comming out of my smoker.
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My butt is sitting in a pool of salty sweet water soaking up the heavy cumin and coriander that swims about her masses.
I mean its still in the brine. Ill fire her when i get home from work and eat pork at 3 am!!
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Sounds like two good plans to me!!!......Be sure to post some Q-view!!

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Ya, gotta rack of spares on the WSM, it's second run for me.
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Got my butt on now, gonna be a long wait but well worth it.
Hear me talk!
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Sounds like you guys have a plan. Looking forward to the progress and the end results. don't forget the pics.
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gonna go shoot some skeet will post some pics l8r

Im off to shoot a round of skeet ... I have achieved TBS for the first time...correct me if Im wrong, but I think its partly about not soaking the wood, and using chunks intsead of chips. Pics when I return....
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patohunter: you can get tbs with chips, I do, you just have to watch your pan, I cover mine with aluminum foil in the begining to keep from flaring up, then open up the foil as it progress. Just how I do it, I use chunks to and do the same thing. Rich has a system of preburinin that I hear works well for chuncks to. Good luck.

By the way, shootin them poor skeets, what they ever do to you!
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Progress Report

Well, Its been 8.5 hours and we're currently hovering at 145 degrees. The thermometer hasnt budged for 45 minutes. Im mopping generously every 45 minutes to one hour. Horray for TBS...the meat looks pretty damn good too.

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I hate to tell ya this, but it don't look like that butt's gonna be ready by 6. Maybe 7-8 pm california time! PDT_Armataz_01_04.gif

You really want to let it rest in foil, in a cooler with towels around the foil for at least an hour, but 2 is better!
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Pato - Looks great!
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Patience grasshopper! It'll move when it's ready, then hang on for the ride!
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Looks great as people say patience it'll get there take the time an make up a finishing sauce if you haven't yet or drink another beer or six biggrin.gif
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got two 8 #'s slathered in mustard and coated in rub and in the fridge to go on tomorrow morning.
Have you ever tried to smoke a skeet?............wonder if it's any goodicon_smile.gif

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Lookin fine.
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