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New Guy From WI

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Just wanted to say hey been watching for a while first post lot of great info got a mes for christmass from mother in law done a few smokes lot of fun!!
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Welcome to the SMF Gobl....looking forward to seeing some Q-view from that MES......PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif

Glad to have ya here,
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Welcome to SMF Gobl4me. You'll find several of our members use the MES so you're in good company!!

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Welcome to the smf. Good people here. Hope to see some Q-View from you.

Happy Smokin

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Welcome aboard, glad to have ya!
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Welcome. Great place. Wisconsin? Where? My whole all my family still lives there. My parents moved to CA. before I was born but we go back all the time. They live in Pardeeville. I think I am related to the whole town one way or another
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Welcome to the forum its a great place. Lots of info and nice people. Try taking Jeff's 5 day ecourse its great and its free. Theres lots of good info on the left side as well as in the posts. Remember we like Qview
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Welcome to the forum. This is a great place for all your smokin food needs. Ask away.
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come on in, and join the group. Lost of fine folks here to help ya, or laugh with ya!Its all good!cool.gif
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Welcome Goble4me...glad to have you aboard.
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Welcome aboard.....You got a great smoker there..................Nice mother in law..........
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