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new ECB smoker

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hello folks...alil introduction of myself....I'm Kajun from Panama City , Florida...of course originally from Louisiana :)...i been lurking on the site for awhile now from time to time looking at the food pr0n and trying to decide which smoker would be best for me for the amount of smoking i will be doing...of course if i could i'd be smoking pork butts and fattys every weekend but the doctor has put a halt to that with results of my last few cholestrol tests lol

i decided that a ECB gourmet electric would be the best for me...and with the additions of a few mods i make it a decent smoker for what i plan on doing with it...mainly smoking fish and the occassion butts,ribs and chicken...

i look forward to participating and learning how to get the best smoke :) thanks for the food pron and hope to post up some of mine in the near future! biggrin.gif
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Welcome to the site Kajun.....I see the roll call police got ya in another are relentless around here sometimes.

Glad you found us and feel free to ask questions til your heart's content.

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Welcome Fla Boy form another just south of you. Good people here, you'll enjoy yourself.
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Hi Kajun from yet another Fl boy I am north an south of you have property up near Quincy and live bout 35 miles south of Flash. Great site here lots to learn and lots of good people. Enjoy
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Hey Kaiun welcome to SMF. Be sure to put some garlic in your rub. Doc tells me it is a natural cholesterol fighter.
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Hey Flash, nice looking horse and colt you got there.
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Welcome aboard, glad to have ya!
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Weclcome to the forum. Which ever smoker you decide to get, I am sure you can get some great Q from it. They all have there pro's, con's and limitations. The people in here are great and have alot of knowledge when it comes to Q'in. Any questions, just ask away.
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thanks for the welcome :)
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Welcome aboard..................Glad you found us here...........
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welcome aboard.
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Welcome. Another ECB user here.
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FL neighbor, checking in and fellow ECB user to boot! Glad to see you've joined us at SMF. Look forward to your future posts and q-vue! biggrin.gif
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