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Dónde están los fajitas?

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So I have seven pounds of flank steak sitting in my cooler and I'm planning on making fajitas out of them Saturday. However, things aren't that simple, of course not. I wanna smoke the meat. Never done it this way before.

Now, first off I have a question: Anyone recommend a really great marinade or rub that will take care of these?

Second off, here's my game plan. Someone tell me if I'm missing something...

After a 3-4 hour smoking (the flanks should smoke up really fast) I plan on slicing the steak (yes, along the bias) really thin. Then taking the steaks, along with some peppers, onions and lime wedges and grilling those on a super hot cast iron skillet to tie everything together. Should get the flavors going really strong. Wrap that lovely goodness up in flour tortillas and serve with margaritas.

Game plan sound good? Something I've forgotten? (Other than to make enough to feed everyone on the forums? LoL!)

Thanks all!
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I like Claude's brisket marinade, but you have to be careful because if you use too much, it will be very salty. I think Stubbs makes a fajita marinade also. I figure, I can't make it any better than these, so i take the easy way out.
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I forgot to mention that you could use a good chunky guacamole to go with your fajita, and some chiles "torreados". Those are jalapenos that have been roasted whole,(till the skin is almost black and the chile is soft) then grill some whole onion slices, chop the onion, cover it all with soy sauce in a small bowl. I lik'em..especially with fajitas. Maybe some crema agria (sour cream) to cool off the heat. Hope it turns out well for you.
post #4 of 10 ARE cooking to temps now.....not time?
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Billy, thanks for the reminder on the avacados. The wife's already said she's whipping those up for us, so yes, they're in.

Dude, it depends on what I'm cooking. For smaller cuts usually 1 hour does it on my WSM. However for larger cuts or something I know is gonna take a while I pop in thermometer probes. Any idea what temp is medium-rare for a flank steak??
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same as any steak.........i like 140......let it rest, and get to 145..........
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OK, since these are going to get grilled with the onions, etc anyway I'll prolly pull at 135-ish. Rest 'em and then the grilling should finish them off nicely.
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depends on how thick your steaks are........maybe even sooner than 135
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Less than an inch I believe, I'll keep a close eye on them over 125. Now to find a really good marinade/rub and we're golden.
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salt and peppa werks alot for me.........if nothing else......lil worchest......lil garlic........some cayenne......onion powder........

nutting rubs and/or marinades......and check em out.....
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