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Chuck Roast Smoking

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I am going to do some beef sunday and want to try a brisket but i want to do some more research on that first. What do you with a chuck roast??
How big or how meny should I do. The in-laws are coming for dinner and there will be 6 of us. Any help would be great. I got the pork shoulder and the baby backs down but " What about Chuck" or is there a better "type" of beef roast to smoke up???
Ps. Going to smoke my first fatty(meat that is) Sunday also.
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when i do a chuck...........i do em to slice and make french dips with.........brisket.....in my case PACKERS.......are not that hard.......but its a all nite smoke........if you are up for that..........least the way i do em........have you tried doing a search yet?
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Yep Like dude said they make good French dips!
I have since changed meat types and bread for these though.

Some of the northern folk like to pull them. I tried it once. I got it real tender and it pulled to some nice fine shreds.

So experiment and see what comes up! be sure to keep us updated with some q-view.
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Buckshot. If ya do a search, or look up my profile and look at some of my threads you will find alot of chuck smokes, I love to smoke them. I have posted some stuff on M/S too.
For me they are about as long or even longer than briskets. But I usually like to do 6-10 lb pieces. I am gonna do a 19.6 lber this sat. But I am gonna chop it in half. It is a different chuck than usual, it is called a shoulder clod, or english roast. Its a big sum beech!

Smoke em at 235-250, foil after 170, take em to 195-205, and let em rest 1-3 hrs, keep the juice, and add it after the pull! You'll make everyone want to have seconds!icon_smile.gif
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I did a 4.5 lb last week it took 11hrs to get it up for pullin. My temps were running 240, 250 and I ran the meat to 190. Wrapped and rested for 20 mins
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