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Virgin Smoker from Texas

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Just posting a Hey, Howdy to everyone. My name is Chris but my friends call me… Chris. I've never actually used a smoker (hence the title). I'm in the process of building one out of my old hot water heater (50 gallons) since I just had it replaced two days ago. I’ve had problems trying to find blueprints for the smoker and the stand which is what led me to this site. I know the basic idea, cut a few doors out here, add a fire box, put a smoke stack, etc. But if I can learn from someone else’s mistakes, that’d be great. Otherwise, I'll have to wait a while for another free hot water heater since this one has a fifteen year warrant. My uncle has been smoking meats for years (mainly brisket) and I figured now's the time to start doing some myself. I've been grilling for quite a while and tried the smoke box on the grill but I wasn't really able to smoke the meat like I wanted to. I will appreciate any/all advice that you can give me. Let the learning begin!
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Chris, welcome to the forum. Glad to have you
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welcome chris! if you ever need to find used stuff or discarded stuff like hot water heaters, drums.....try craigslist.
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Welcome Chris

Welcome to the smf Chris. Lots of nice folks on here to help with any questions you have. Be sure and post some pics of your work in progress.

Happy Smokin

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You probably already know it, but be sure the water heater you are going to use for a pit is not galvanized.
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Welcome Chris! You came to the right place to learn.PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif
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Hi Chris, welcome.
I tried to make a smoker from a COLD water heater(hot water doesn't need to be heated) and found it difficult to weld as it was so thin. I ended up using 2 old propane tanks and they worked great.
Good luck and most importanty, HAVE FUN!
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Welcome to the SMF Chris!!
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Welcome to the site...............Can't wait to see some pics of your smoker.................
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Welcome to the forum.
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Welcome aboard, glad to have ya!
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