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Four racks of baby backs in too big a rack.

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The wife picked up a rib rack from bb&b yesterday for the four racks of bb's I was suppose to smoke for some some guests.
Alright new toys!
I get the bb's loaded in it that I had rubbed & wrapped overnight.
So I carry the rack of ribs to smoker and low and behold, IT DIDN'T FIT!
It never dawned on me it wouldn't fit.
What a disappointment that was! I had to fire up my little offset to cook the 4th rib.
The wife did say" Maybe you need to get a bigger smoker"
I see the hinting has paid off!
Unfortunately We don't have the means at the moment to upgrade any smokers. But in due time,

You know what they say "one smoker door closes and another one opens".

I didn't get any final or smoker pics. I was too busy with the hosting and all.
They were delish though! They didn't use the sauce!

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Maybe . . . MAYBE . . .

Sounds like the green light from the chief business official to me. cool.gif

Time to start shopping.

Have fun.

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i like that rack!!!! i have one but it too short, nice lookin bb's, but i bet nicer lookin later on like rite about when time to eat haaa... so did the captain help out with the ribs???
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I think that's the first time I was told I had a nice rack!PDT_Armataz_01_04.gif

Sure did! along with the apple juice for spritz.
I dont drink that stuff, I'm more of a George Thorogood drinker.
♪One bourbon, ♫one scotch, ♪one beer♫cool.gif

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Nothing a hacksaw won't fix.
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Bet they were good glued!
What kind of smoker are ya gonna get? It's never too early to start lookin.biggrin.gif
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What didn't fit? Was it too tall? I'm suprised because Raichlen's stuff is usually designed to fit in a kettle. Bummer dude!

I use one that holds 4 racks. It sets at an angle so it isn't as tall.
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Hehehe, I feel your pain! Did ya tell the wife that her rack was to big?

I bought one like it the other day, but it was a weber, ame shape and design, but the uprights have about a 10-15 degree slant( might be what Geek has) and the length on the whole thing is a little shorter than yourseek.gif .

I wish I coulda been there to see the look on your face...................................Dooodee doo, here i go to the smoker, oh man this new rack is gonna be sweet. Hehehe, company is commin and I have us some ribs, ......doo t a dee. ah yes here we go! Boink, donk, ergh, uh , DOH!!...LOLicon_lol.gif
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Like you read my mind!
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