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Kraut stuffed pork loin

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I've been having picture problems...hope these come out right.

I stuffed a loin with a mixture of kraut, apples and onions.

I butterflied the loin open....

Soaked it overnight in a mixture of Shiner Bock Beer and apple juice.

Sauted the apples, onions and kraut in a bit of butter then cooled.

I sprinked the loin with brown sugar, then topped with the kraut mixture..rolled up and tied and smoked with apple wood.

It came out moist and tender...

The loin was tasty, the brown sugar and apple juice seemed to sweeten it up too much for me. It took the "twang" away from the kraut. I was good, but next time I will leave the sweet stuff out.smile.gif
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That looks fantastic!
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Thanks Invader!
I have plenty of leftovers..I'll share.biggrin.gif
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Throw that kraut in the garbage and you might be getting somewhere. PDT_Armataz_01_32.gif

As always, your stuff looks great.
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Looks good CG. I really like those cute little bows that you tied. Ha Ha
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Nice pinwheeled loin!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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looks great cowgirl-don't care for the kraut but sure love your choise of good Texas beer.
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biggrin.gif goat, I think it must be a girl thing.redface.gif

Thanks for the kind words folks....I was going for the pork/kraut flavor, but the kraut in this one lost it's twang....

desertlites..I used my last 2 shiners on this, I need to get more.biggrin.gif
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Thanks Ken....and thank you for the pepper idea. That does sound good!
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Looks tasty CG!!! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif I wonder why the kraut lost its zip? Maybe it was the saute. Seems when I cook kraut or even heat it up it loses all of its flavor. PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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Cowgirl -
I've been wanting to try a stuffed loin and I think you've got a great combo there. Thanks for the Q-view.
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Ken, I like the bell pepper idea...thanks!

Joe, thanks! I could really taste the apple....maybe I should have left it out of the soak and just used beer. biggrin.gif

Thanks Stacks! If ya try one, let me know what you stuff it with. Last one I did had bella mushrooms, onions and jalapenos. It wasn't too bad.
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Thats awesome. kind of reminds me of Pork and kraut my mom used to make. (a Hungarian dish). Will post recipe at a date.
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Good looking stuff, Cowgirl! I'm with you though. I don't care for the sweetness except for maybe a little BBQ sauce. Even then, I don't care for a too sweet sauce. Keith
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Good job Cowgirl. It looks mighty tasty. I wonder if instead of the krout just plain old cabbage chopped up would work? I would imagine you would have to saute that a little also before adding. Anyway, you have the wheels turning and I might try something like that in the future. Oh, and I think your little bows are just fine. icon_smile.gif

Thanks for the Q-View

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looks great patty, when we were in our partying years used to have keg partys, seems like there was one every weekend. some frends of mine had a pull behind hog smoker and wud often roast a pig, wud stuff cavity with kraut and wrap the whole work up in ckn wire. was good stuff!!!! great job!

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Mmmm good! Great idea, the kraut... thanks CG!
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Thank you folks!
Andy, I love pork and kraut...that's kind of what I was shooting for.
Keith, I'm with ya...this was a bit too sweet for me.
Steve, I like your cabbage idea...thanks. After thinking about it...I realize that I use bows when I tie my chickens too. redface.gif

erain, I like to do whole pigs with apples, onions and brown sugar...your way sounds good!

Thank you Rich...if ya make one that doesn't lose the twang, let me know.smile.gif
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Cowgirl, not sure how you did it but try it with just draining the kraut. Do not rinse it. Add in more kraut without the apples. Just a suggestion.
Might work...
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Thank you Andy...I'll try that.smile.gif
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