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Hello from Southwestn Michigan

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I am a newbie here and I stumbled on the this forum from the Michigan Sportsman forum while I was wandering around the wild game recipes. I have a wife and two 15 year old boy's one is mine and one is hers from previous marriages. We also have 2 dogs. Winston (AKA: Big Boy) a 100lb chocolate lab and Jo-Jo a Vizsla mix puppy that we rescued threw animal aid. I did some smoking years ago with a charcoal smoker and just bought a gas Kenmore from Sears. I have smoked 2 pork shoulders a chicken. Saturday I smoked 5 racks of baby backs and the turned out excellent. The wife and I sampled a 1/2 rack before I threw them on the grill and moped them down with sauce. She said they were the best rib's she ever had. We got them on sale a Martens and she even offered to go back and get some more for the freezer before the sale ended. Now that's a good woman!!!!. I am now trying to decide what to smoke this weekend any suggestions???? You could say I AM HOOKED ON SMOKED MEAT!!!
Thanks for having me on your forum, Mike
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Hey Welcome to SMF from the SE part of the Mitten! Wow... cool A Hungarian Vizsla! Not surprisingly this Mad Hunky grew up hunting under that breed quite alot :{) Great bird dogs.

Yer gonna have to do a brisket sooner or later :{) Enjoy!
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Welcome Mike

Welcome to the smf Mike. Lots of nice folks on here to answer your questions or give advice. Hope to see some Q-View from you in the future.

Happy Smokin

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And a "warm welcome" from Hell! You need to dig into that freezer and throw some game meat on that smoker. Any question you might have your sure to get answers here!
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Welcome to the SMF. lots of friendly folks here to assist you on the addictive journey into the world of smoke cooking. Be fore-warned however the is no cure for it.
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Welcome. Another MI resident here. Enjoy.
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Welcome to the forums lots of great info around and remember we like QVIEW. As far as what to smoke Brisket, Boston Butt would be pretty good starters and maybe a fatty or two huh done made myself hungry biggrin.gif
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welcome aboard mike glad to have ya-and ya I think it's time for a brisket.
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Welcome to the SMF. I too belong to M/S, and have been a member there(different nickname) since 2001. The SMF site is a great place to learn some things, and share some things. Lots of friendly advise, and compliments here too.We like to see pics of smoked food here too. I post quite a few lately at M/S too.icon_wink.gif
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Welcome to the smf...............Glad to have you here.............
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Welcome aboard, glad to have ya! As far as the next thing to smoke, simply go through the forum grab somtin that interests ya, read up a bit and smoke it! So many things to smoke, can't tell ya which one is next. Good luck.
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Welcome to the SMF.

Everyone on here is friendly and ready to help....see I can be nice to a wolverine!

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And I can be nice to an empty nut. :{)
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lol Rich!

Welcome to the forum Mike...glad to have ya here.
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