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Great Board. I hope to learn and share lots.
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Welcome to the site..........Give us some info about you and your smoker........Take the 5day ecourse lots of great info ..........
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Welcome to SMF! How about telling us a little about your smoking set up and how experienced you are, maybe even a general idea of where you live? All those things will help folks when you have questions.
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howdy folks

Just bought a Brinkman electric smoker ( live in a condo type building so options were limited...) I've smoked a few chickens, they were good, but now I'm anxious to try a brisket.... any tips on the use of this equipment would be appreciated.


and a friendly hello from the Grand Canyon State !
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Welcome to the site Stoon, and Smokin out the neighbors. This place will get ya all the info you need to turn out some good Q!
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I use a CharGriller smokin pro w/ sfb, and also have an upright smoker somewhere in the garage that I haven't used since I got the Chargriller a few years ago. I also have a Chargriller grillin pro that I use on the days I get home from work late and need a fast cook. I'm thinking about adding a sfb to that as well. I'm in Evansville, IN and have been doing what I call recreational smoking for about 8 yrs. I call it recreational because I usually smoke about once a month by myself when wife and kids get on my last nerve. They hate the smoke, so they stay away. It's relaxing. I usually cook butts, chops, and chicken. --SOTN
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Welcome to the forum!smile.gif
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Welcome aboard guys, enjoy your time here. If you have any questions just ask!!!
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