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Yep... I have a facebook page.
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I'm there and have also started a page for my Dutch oven cook books! I enjoy fb more than myspace for sure
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What I do not understand on FB is I set it up so my user id from forums I belong to can be searched and I can be found that way. But when you type in my user id it brings up 300 and some names and I am buried amongst those? Sure would be nice to type in ncodave and find a fellow SMF'r. If anyone is aware of something I might be doing wrong or can change it would help many of us set up our accounts to be found by fellow forum users.
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That search feature Mo is a weakness for sure but heres my page and me email for everyone here
Cast Iron" Covered Wagon" Cookin' Camp Dutch oven cook books

search me by my email:
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I am on there
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I'm on there as of today...held out as long as I could!
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I'm on there.

UDS Group Page is up for anyone who wants to join.

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I am on there too

And I just joined your uds group.
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Post some pics of your UDS if you dont mind.
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No problem, just added a few.
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my daughter made me join facebook a few weeks ago... haven't had much use for it (other than to talk to my daughter upstairs!), but I did just join the smokin link!
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just made me a page last week.
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My 29 year old daughter told me that all of her friends now think she is lame because "her old man has a facebook page and she doesn't".
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That's funny.

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I am own there to as Hambonesbbqsmoker come on over and Join me it nice to see all of you on here. ThanksPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I'm there: Ray Wilson and I have a group called Smokers Only

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yup...I am on facebook
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I'm on there as Chet G. Bourg!!
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