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Just curious who here has a facebook page. I do and recently joined a smoking meat group on there and saw DonO on there

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I'm there too!
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yep, I as well.
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What is facebook? Do you use it like a blog? Just curious.
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I think its like my space CG, I dont have either but maybe I should look into joining.
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Thanks for the info Smokin' Joe, I might look into it too.
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I am in there!
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I think facebook is cooler than myspace. I have a myspace page also. On facebook there is a smoking meat group. That is where I founf Richtee and DonO
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Post the link to the group. I am on Facebook and would like to join it! I can probably be found on there as ajthepoolman, but by night I am known as Adrian Miller in Topeka KS.
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I've got a Facebook page but didn't use it enough to know about joining groups. Will have to check it out. Thanks for the info, Mick!
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Here is the link for the group on facebook.

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Does it get as pervy as MySpace? Not that there's anything wrong with pervy, icon_redface.gif just hate opening my friends list to see naked pictures!! :0-)
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I havent found any naked pics. There are lots of applications u can mess with also. One that Don got me into was BBQ fight, still low lvl onit but its good
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LOL...sounds like you've been lookin' tongue.gif
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I'm on there too.
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I am on there too. Any of you guys do the Mafia Wars thing? I am trying to get mine bigger, it is a addicting game for sure!
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I am on facebook also and play mafia wars it is great
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I'm on FB as well but don't play any of the games and stuff. I had already joined the "smoking meat low and slow" group a while back and mostly use FB to post pics of my cookings to tease my co-workers with.

IMO, MySpace is a wreck. I had a page on there but never did anything with it and was constantly annoyed at all the horrific layout designed my friends would come up with. Trying to read something on most peoples pages on there is enough to give you a migraine or seizure.
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I'm theretoo.
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I'm on there too-look for Earl Dowdle.
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