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first smoke

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Sunday was my first smoke with my newly built trash can smoker. I did some bby bks and turkey legs. it was a cold morning so i had to supplement the lump fire with my trusty propane torch, it worked out pretty well. i rubbed the meat a few hours before and wrapped them in plastic till i was ready to cook. after a few hours i wrapped everything in hd foil and cooked to temp back in the smoker less the wood. the wife took after they were rested and said "crack me a beer" not too bad for someone who won't eat anything on a bone. let me know what you think. my only complaint was the rub i used was store bought crap, i need to find a good one.
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Nice lookin' bones, there, paddfoot! There are lots of rub recipes available within the forum here, but I recommend that you purchase Jeff's naked rib rub. The recipe is simple and IMHO is absolutely perfect for ribs and pulled pork...It's been my favorite "go to" rub for the last couple years...

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Good looking ribs................Good job.............
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The ribs look great! Thanks for the Qview.
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Nice ribs. Good color. Plenty of decent store bought rubs out there; you just got a bad one. I would also recommend Jeff's rub receipe. It's great stuff and you can tweak it to your own preference. My wife loves it and especially his BBQ sauce.
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Great lookin smoker, and Q!!!

Keep it up, they get better with time!!!
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Great looking ribs and a nice Q-view Good Job PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

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Nice smoker. That is really neat. Nice Q view as well.
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Great looking ribs man! Nice job on the smoker PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif .
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day off today so i put the babys i had but after the first hour i couldnt keep the temp up with the lump i was using so i had to mad dash to the shed and grab my turkey frier burner and with a few slight adjustments my smoker went from wood to gas fired, looks like the ribs are gona turn out well, i just made some sause from a recipe i found here and we,ll try half sauced and half nakid if they come out ok ill post a qview
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I sure like the looks of that trash can smoker too.
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great job paddfoot! I started out with a trashcan. I love your gas mod and the legs! Fine looking ribs!
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Nice Lookin' ribs!!!! I make my own rub that is simple and my family loves it on about everything. We use it on ribs and anything else that gets smoked, but also on burgers and steaks. we've even used it on baked taters! Feel free to use. I'm sure that this is not an original rub, but that is what I have came up with through trial and error. You will probably do the same, find something you like and tweak it until it is just right FOR YOU.

2tbls. Seasoning salt
2tbls garlic powder
2tbls onion powder
1tbls black pepper
1/2 tbls crushed basil
4tbls brown sugar
1/2 tbls old bay sea food seasoning
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Great job, I know you're the type of person who can get it done one way or another. Good Q View too!
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Ya done good on the ribs and the smoker PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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thanks guys

i need to work on my rub now, i guess not everyone likes as much heat as i do
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Excellent looking ribs. Good job on the smoker too. Keep up the good work. You'll find a rub you like just keep at it.

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Absolutely awesome looking ribs (and turkey legs). However, the ribs must be faulty. They've got bones sticking out then ends and everything. Send them this way and i'll see if I can get your money back for ya.

All kidding aside, great smoke. Keep up the good work!
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