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How much pulled pork?

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Good morning all. In the near future I am going to be hosting a large gathering of friends and we have decided that pulled pork is on the menu as the main meat item.

Is there a rule of thumb to go by when deciding how much meat to have? I want to be sure to have enough but dont want to ridiculously overkill it either.

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I think most will agree about 1/4 to 1/3 lb per person for sammies and you may even have some leftovers. Boston butt looses about 40% when smoked and pulled and some say it's as high as 60% but I haven't lost that much yet. I smoke until 205 and it just falls apart. Don't forget the finishing sause either. Your guest will be asking what is that taste? You can tell them that's you special sause.
Have fun at the party and post q-view when you get time.

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I think geob pretty much has you covered. Allow 50% loss from raw to cooked and then just figure out what size portions you are planning on. If it is all for friends, I plan a little extra so if they want to take some home or something then I have them covered.

Good luck,
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So lets say there will be 50 people there and I plan on 1/4 lb sammies. Adjusting for 50% loss I should buy 25lbs of butt?

50 / 4 = 12.50 x 2 = 25

EDIT: Does it change things if I buy boneless butts?
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Sounds right. I don't think the bone is much to worry about.
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Bone doesn't make that big a difference and nothing wrong with leftover just vacuum seal it and throw it in the freezer it holds up well and tastes great when reheated. Don't forget the finishing sauce makes it even better.
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yup what ^ say and make extra-and coleslaw.
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All good advice turfmunch...good luck with your party!!!
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Figure 1/4 Pound sammies, 50% loss on the butt, then a few extra for those wan'ting seconds.
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