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London Broil!

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Did a london broil this weekend for the first time and it was great! I used a store bought marinade and let it sit in that overnight then smoked it at about 250 for 2hours and took it out when it was at 155. I sliced it as thin as I could then we made fajitas with the meat, turned out great. Using the rest tonight for stir fry. Thanks for the tips on london broils, not sure I got a good deal though it was $4.99/lb.
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Wow, sounds good but wait for it to go on sale and stock up. I can get it for $1.19/lb when on sale.
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great job & ya a little pricy for londen broil-least ways around here-makes a great fajita and stirfry-and ya wait for a sale and stock up.
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Bad thing is it was on sale!! Was either 3.99 or 4.99, either way thats a heck of a lot more than $1.19 if I ever see it that cheap I will buy about 10 of em!
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