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Prime Rib Q View

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Well......ok, it wasn't prime......but choice grade just doesn't sound right. LOL

Just a little 2 bone job I had in the freezer for a while. 5.5 lbs if I remember correctly. Marinated in redwine, beef broth and some other stuff at the boss's instruction and just S & P on the outside. Hickory for the smoke. Cook at 350 until internal temp of 112, then pull and rest for about 20 - 30 minutes. It wasn't the best one I have ever done by a long ways, but when it is the rib, how bad can it get?

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MMmmm Joe...looks good!
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that look friggin good.!!

how long did it take to cook.?
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About 1 hour 40 minutes not counting the rest time as best I remember.
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oh, did you cook it in the oven.?
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Thread Starter was in the smoker.
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Looks great.
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Looks good!! bout the same size as i did Sunday... It sure is hard to beat the rib!!
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Nope, It looks alot bigger Mark!icon_smile.gif
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Looks great Joe, nice and rare...yummy..

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That looks great and my kind of seasoning used also. Simple
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Me next!

First off I gotta say that that is some great looking prime you cooked up there. My hat is off to you! When you cooked it, how did you position the meat in the smoker? Bones down just like the raw pic? Or was it fat side down? I have got to try this for myself.
Again....nice job!

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Bones down, just like a slab of ribs.
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Wow, that looks great. I see you pulled it off at 112, any idea of what temp it reached after sitting? It's nice and rare like a prime should be. Excellent job!
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I didn't probe it, but based on past experience it was about 120 internal.
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Looks good if I had some of that I would eat it right now for breakfast.
Thank's for the qview joe.

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