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Newbie KS

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Well I am a nebie to the Smoking Meat Forum, but I have been smoking meat for 20 years. I only have 1 commercial made smoker, the other one is homemade and it has been with me for 7 years. The others in the past have been donated to my 2 boys. The commercial smoker I got for free when a neighbor got rid of it. Anyhow, I do beef and pork in a real big way. I have problems with chicken, so I stay away from it. I make my own marinades and rubs. I got the basics down on them in my early years and tweak them. I live in the country outside of McLouth KS. This is the home of the annual Northeast Kansas State BBQ Championship held every year in June. Regular competitiors there include several champions from the Kansas City American Royal BBQ. I am a disabled Deputy Sheriff just looking for a job right now. I will be entering my first competiton this year, the afore mentioned one. I will attach some photos of my equipment if I can figure out how to make them smaller. I have another project in the works. I am turning 2 horizontal file cabinets into 1 cabinet smoker. I saw somebody with one of these at a competition that made some great meat.
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Welcome to SMF David!
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I forgot to mention my commercial smoker is an EBS. I use charcoal, apple, cherry, hickory and mesquite. I cook in a modified version of both KC and Memphis style. Most of my meat is naked off the grill, I rarely use any sauce, but when I do I make my own. For me the one thing that will tick me off more than even not being able to do good chicken is when my wife sneaks out and either does great chicken or even worse, cooks hamburgers in the firebox portion of my barrel cooker.
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Welcome aboard Dave, sounds like you have lots to share with us. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Welcome to MF
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Welcome Dave

Welcome to the smf Dave. Looking forward to some of your Q-view.

Happy Smokin

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Welcome to smf dave glad to have another kansan on board you'll enjoy
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Well I figured out how to resize my photo's and they should be attached here. The ECB has had the mods done it since it became mine. The homemade one doesn't show a good shot of the baffle I made, but there is an opening towards the back of the barrel for smoke and heat to pass through. The water tray as you can tell needs drained. It just got used last night for ribs and the tray rests right up against the bottom of the meat grate. There is also another meat rack not pictured that I can put in when needed. All in all this little barrel smoker will seat 4 full pork slab ribs easily or 3 untrimmed 15 lb briskets.
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Welcome to the SMF. I'm sure you will have lot's to add. I bet you can get the chicken down pat by reading some of the threads posted here. You are in the best place for smoking.

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Welcome to the forum.
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Welcome aboard, glad to have ya!
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Welcome aboard................Great looking units.........Looks like they are well used................Glad to have you here.............
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Welcome Steve. Always great to have more accomplished smokers for newbies like me to learn from. Glad to have you.
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I have been through McClouth several times while trying to find a faster route from Topeka to Leavenworth (visiting mama up in the pen!).

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Well if your headed to Leavenworth, via McLouth, beware. For the next 30 days County Road 5 east of 187TH is closed. You have to go north on 187th to Eisenhower Road. We lived in that town for 1 year. Then we got lucky and found this place out in the rural area.
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Anymore I just run the turnpike. I was looking for an alternate when they were constructing the new terminal several years ago.
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Turnpike is boring. You have to get back here on these back roads where the real people are and few of us "law enforcement officials". Back here where you can see all kinds of stuff for sale that you didn't know you needed. But you know, they are building a new terminal just south of Taonganoxie on County Road 1. Thats going to be nice for getting to Tonganoxie or Eudora.
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Welcome to smf. Having trouble with chicken? I do rub, inject your favorite marinade ( mines ken's zesty italian),smoke for 3 1/2 hrs., wrap in foil and put back in the smoker for another 2 1/2 hrs. It will fall off the bone and you'll be lucky to have any left over.
Hope this will help with the yardbirds (chickens)

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I wondered what happened with that project. Good deal, now I need an excuse to go to Tongy!
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Well while in Tongie, this is just my opinion now, stay away from Daniels BBQ. His meat quality has gone down hill in the last year or so. Kind of tough and greasy, pork and beef. Bichlemeirs is still serving great steak however. That road project on the turnpike is a 3 year job. They have part of the new bridge up but thats all.
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