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I knew 2-2-1 was for baby backs this is why I asked.
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Ribs can be tricky but at least we get to eat the results. I have had success with foiling and I have had success not foiling. It amounts to whatever you like the best after trying , and trying. Like WD said practice practice practice. Great tutorial coyote it will help alot of people out.

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I think WD meant foiling usually isn't done on BB's . The time methods are just what you prefer using, and have success with.

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this was supposed to b on the original thread that I posted, But, not a guru, I messed up and it did not get there. as walking D kinda pointed out else where about the baby backs

this is what else it had to say. hope it helps..

By the way, these ribs were sprayed with apple juice once and hour during the first phase and smoked last weekend using apple wood, cherry wood and dried pineapple rinds . Then more pineapple rind was used for smoke and they were glazed with Habanero Pineapple Texas Pepper Jelly during the final phase. Mmmmmmmm.

So 3-2-1 = 6 hours for spare ribs, 2-2-1 = 5 hours for baby back ribs (also called loin back ribs) or 2-1-1 = 4 hours for baby back ribs (depending on how you like them).
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those diff. times can also be used for spares..........some like em better at diff. must remember..........these are just guide lines.......YOU need to figure out, not only what works for you and your setup..........but what you like.............

how did those rinds werk out for you, as far as taste?
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My daugthers B-day was sat.she wanted kabobs cooked for her party.
I had four ripe pineapples that I bought. all the trimming are drying in the sun for the next couple days,then into ziplocks and into the freezer till I need them. will try apples rinds also, mangoes maybe. I think I will test them on the fire pit and see if i can wafe some of the smoke they give off to my sniffer and see what falvor it gives off. I rekon most sweet fruit and dry herbs would create an exceptional smoke.. might have to put more on and get some thing stronger then the thin blue going not sure but I will test it as time goes on..wish I would have started this smoking meats a long time ago..Don't know if my liver would have held up as long
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i have heard of using orange rinds......shells of nuts........even herbs, like rosemary and such.............
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Just don't put dry basil on there for smoke!!.....You'll have the cops there in a heartbeat snoopin' around for Mary Jo Juana!!.......eek.gif

At least thats what it smelled like on the char-broiler in the restaurant...heh

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crap eric..............burning leaves will give ya that smell..........LOLOL
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Ehh....burning leaves just gives me a headache........come to think of does Mary Jo!! wonder I don't do that stuff.....PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif

D88de, if your mary jo smells like burning got ripped off!! LOL

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