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chicken wings

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Approximately how long will it take to smoke some hot wings at 230 degrees?
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Here we go again.......DUDE!!! LOLOL
Try a higher temp for some crispness and probably an hour. wink.gif
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Can't go higher. Got ribs and beans on there. Just trying to get an idea when to put the wings on. I will finish in the oven for the crisp skin.
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Let me know what ya did.. and a q-view would be nice.

I LOVE chicken wings.
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Time! ! ! ! ! Time! ! ! ! ! ! !

all kidding aside.......there some things that you just can't cook to temp

time IS a issue abts........wings.........ribs..........garlic.... ........and cold smoking.........

is this a FULL wing? with tips?

cause they will burn quicker, unwrapped........
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Here's something I do---

Don't worry about the temp so much if your going to blast them to crisp anyway, just get the smoke to em for a couple of hours, but, if your worried about safety, you could probe the biggest one with your instant read.

I marinate them in Itilian dressing, leave them in some marinad and then smoke in the broiler pan. After smoked, drop them in a deep fryer to crisp, coat with sauce by shaking them in a closed container.

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I like the sound of that. Smoked then Fried. Yum!
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We smoke them around 1 1/2 hours, then on the grill to finish them to a crispy skin.

Wings and Legs
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Those look delicious. I might have to give that a try. What did you use for marinade, rub, or sauce?
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Flash is right on,

At 230, Flash is right on, 1 1/2 hours should be just right before your crisp em---whether your use the grill, oven or deep fryer after smoking:-)

Don't forget, you can smoke one day, then crisp the next;-)
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