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Jimmy Dean Breakfast Sausage.
Scrambled Eggs
Potatoes (pre-cooked)
Red bell pepper
Parmesan cheese

Wrapped in bacon and smoked for 2 1/2 hours at about 225*-250* with apple wood.
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LMAO. The term fatty can cause trouble it appears. But it is what it is and I ain't changing
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What came first?

What came first? The fatty or the fatty your talken about? Maybe theirs is named after ours?

BTW---nice fatty!
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With a 5 yr old boy that loves 'fatty', I am already having some interesting conversations. "sausage meat loaf filled with whatever and smoked" is what I already had to use to explain it folks.
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"Sausage Roll" stuffed with your choice of ingredients.
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I have a friend that keeps calling them chubbies personally I think that a fatty sounds better but with a name like Cheech would you expect a different answer
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we could call it a "vegan killer".!
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I have said this before, since alot of people call them chubs of sausage. You could also refer to them as chubbies
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Good one Dan!

I make fatties because I know my wife has a tendency towards Veganism-----but..................she can't resist my fattieS!!!

Was that Plural---thats weird, but a good thing?
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how about "sausage meat loaf"?

but in reality if you look at a pic of a guy like me, I may be the size I am because of one too many "fattys" lol
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How about the " antivegetariancardiovascularkillinlovehandlemaking greatbigoldhunkofsmokedtenderstuffedgoodness?"

Nahhhh! the fatty is easier to type!
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