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Rushed smoke-baby backs

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I went to the Food Lion this morning and they had baby backs on for $1.99/lb, so I bought all they had, around 13 packs. I know from vast reading here the preferred way is to rub them the night before, wrap in saran wrap, and fridge them overnight. I couldn't stand the thought of not being able to smoke until next weekend, so.....

I'm smoking 2 of the racks today. I seasoned with salt and pepper, and on the smoker they went. I'm going to spray w/apple juice every 30 minutes, and do the 2-2-1 method. Since I wasn't able to season with rub overnight, I think I'll sauce them down in the last hour.

I'll post some pics when they are done. Fingers crossed that they are good.

Wish me luck!

p.s. The baby backs are on sale until Tuesday, so I'll be going back and loading my freezer up for $1.99/lb. The 4th of July isn't that far away!
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Oh, and let me add, pulling the skin/membrane off the back of the ribs was a definite workout!
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i betcha they still be good, sometimes simple good for change of pace. and of course they will be smoked!!! keep us informed
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I did the same today with spares didnt want to wait either so I slapped tham on today wouldnt have time to do it tomorrow after work Ive done it many times before this way so Im sure theyll be fine !
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Vol, that's a nice hit on bbs around here their $4.24. That membrane can be a pain in the eek.gif . Enjoy your your smokeday biggrin.gif
post #6 of 14's dont necessarily need the 2-2-1 method.......thats mostly used for spares............but what the heck..........let us know how it turns out
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Yep, they are normally $4.99 here. I will load up before Wednesday. biggrin.gif
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They make a tool for pullin skin on fish that works pretty well for that silver membrane.
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Ok, dumb question, but here goes. In the 2-2-1 method, I assume you don't use smoke the 2 hours the ribs are foiled??? Or do you? Also, what about the last hour, smoke or no? TIA.
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Yea, the fish skinner is a catfish skinner and it works great, If you dont have a catfish skinner use a papertowel to grab the membrane as it will help you grip it. a cold bud light helps as well
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Wtg on the good price score. As far as the smoke while wrapped, I let my smoker continue to smoke for it because the last hour you unfoil it. That way the smoke is still going.
Just my opinion
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Yeah... what that Chevy guy said.
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Voldaddy, you don't have to use smoke during the time the ribs are foiled. No smoke will be touching the surface, so you won't get any smoke flavoring. Same thing with pork butts, or anything that gets foiled.

Heck, I almost always finish my pork butts in the oven once I foil them. No reason for me to burn up another bag of charcoal!
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Backback questions

I use smoke for only the 1st 2 hours. The foiling and setting hours need only heat, IMO. I also use 3/2/1 method for spares and 2/2/1 or so for BB's but really it's all about feel and presents of the meat.

Nice price on the BB's, I found them at Mejiers the other week for $2.25 and grabbed a few racks.
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