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Rep Power? Green Dots?

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Rep Power: ???
Green Dot-Green Dot-Green Dot: ???

Can anyone explain what the Rep Power is and how the numbers go up? Also I see the green dots that don't seem to make sense. What are they for?
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Seboke the more u post the more rep points u get-theres a good explanation to it all if you look a little further up.
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I found a few posts on the subject but it didn't really clear anything up. What do you mean by looking a little farther up? Is that the same as rating a post with the stars?
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Desertlites has 1200+ posts, but only 4 bubbles... doesn't seem to jive with the explanation. PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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your right K5-4 greenies and alot of posts-you 2 with a couple hundred-I'm here to learn and help others in a form of cooking that I truly be honest with ya I don't pay much attention to those green squares or the points I have and get.what I care about is helping members like you with the questions you ask,and learning from all the others on this site.and of course showing and recieveing qview.I don't sweat the little things.
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in a nutshell there it is folks, u cant taste the greenies!!!
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I believe the green dots means that the person is online now. It's dark if they're not logged in. The rep points are earned by posting useful a thread, or just helping someone. Anyone can give rep points by clicking on the scales of the member that helped them.
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I agree, just saw the thread, read the post (linked) and thought I'd comment on the fact that it didn't seem accurate. I don't really care either about that aspect, but here we are. I guess I was just illustrating my lack of understanding on the topic as well.
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IC so in 1200 posts I have posted 4 useful threads and OR helped 4 persons-glad thats all cleared up.still just here to help and learn.
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By clicking the user CP in the top Navbar, You can view the comments from points giving to you.
As you acquire more and more points you get more greenies, green dots or green squares. whatever you want to call them.

Since Des has 4 squares it means his point level is.
300 to 399
So every time some clicks your scales and give you points.
This number will increase.
Some members give higher or lower points to others.
Depending on variable factors.

Rep power, you get 1 point per X amount post you make.
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Hey Glued...I think post count also has something to do with the green dot formula. But whatever... I'd make a side salad with 'em for all the good they are! But it IS nice to give folks points for a good job or cool idea, especially the new folks. An "Attaboy" never hurt anyone.
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To better understand the reputation settings here is a screen shot of the options.
I'm not sure what Jeff has setup here But this will give and idea of the influences of the "Green dot Formula"

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Criminey- varible city there. Hmmm with enough data and a martix HMMM ... awww who cares LOL!
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I'm with desertlites, don't really care to gain status, just here to learn and share. Learning a bunch, sharing a little of my short stack of experience. I am glad to learn how to give points to some of the great posts out there. Didn't mean to stir the proverbial pot, but have been curious about th rep powwer and the green squares for a few months now. Thanks to everyone for broadening my horizons!
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Every time this subject comes up, someone has to be opinionated about the point system.
It never can be just a technical aspect of the forum software.icon_rolleyes.gif
(as per the original question)
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jjust thought i add this, a while back i never really knew how to give the points,figured the scale thing out etc, pm'd another member and got educated a little more. when doing the scale, need to sign the comment, if u dont will go out as anonymous(no name) i have recieved both ways and have sent out but never signed. i will sign from now on.
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