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Lookin' good! I've got one in the fridge ready to go on the smoker. Looks almost like yours! Keith
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Lookin good. If it tastes half as good as it looks ( which i'am sure it does) you have a winner.
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Looks great erain!!
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Nice job!icon_exclaim.gif
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Erain - very nice job on the smoke, especially the q-vue!!! Props to getting yours to turn out as juicy as it did. How was the overall flavor?
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thks all, sumosmoke i think the key is to make sure cook temp stays low,i did at 250, it got stuck on 135 for a while, was tempted to bump up temp but didnt, also followed advice from member and spritzed it with apple juice. flavor = great, rub hap PLENty of pepper in it but for first loin on smoker purty good!!! if wife eat, success haaaa
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