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Rib Racks?

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What is the benifit of using these other than being able to fit more ribs on the smoker, thats the only reason I see using them.
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I think that is the only reason.
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I don't know but I went to Lowes and bought some and they have tater spikes on the sides as well so I'll be using them even more. Used them for my ribs yesterday but since I never did them flat I don't have a clue but it did take up less space
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That's about the size of it cub, goin to get some for my smoker, Near had to stuff to get them 4 big racks in, don't even have room for my wings! Guess I'll have to do them tom.
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If ya don't have racks, you can roll and skewer like this!

works real good, and here is a view after they were foiled and then skewer removed. They won't lay flat with out breaking!icon_smile.gif

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I only use them when i need to save space, have had folks at the comps tell me you get better color on your ribs when you use them, i can't tell much difference myself.
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i bought some and actually prefer just using the regular flat racks.PDT_Armataz_01_06.gif
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Hard to clean!

I had the kind with the potato spikes. Ouch. Bugger of a time cleaning all the intersections of wire.
Bought a couple of the Weber style. Lazy circles.
Much easier to clean. And sves space
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rib racks

allow me to put a lot more ribs in my gosm..i clean them in the dishwasher and they come out fine--i am LAZY....and the tater spikes are cool......
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