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Looks great!!! email me a sample.. would ya...
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Good lookin grub. I do have a question what's a sun?
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A son is what you have after "relations" with a woman. Takes bout 9 months to get him. There used to be this big bright thing in the sky that was also called a sun. But it burnt out.
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Looks tasty luv2camp...feel free to send any leftovers this way.
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It was last night.....and will be again shortly. Got some of all heating up as I type.

I made a huge mistake and sampled some of all as it was coming off. By the time the pork came off, I was too full to sit down to a proper meal.

I think Jeff needs to upgrade to "scratch and sniff" webpages. But we would all need keyboard covers if he did that. We drool enough with nothing but pics!!!!
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From having relations with a woman huh! Never made the connection. All I ever had was daughters and that's a hard row to hoe. Wife, daughters, female dogs and a Tom cat that's been womanized. not much chance for me to win. That other sun thing. I think I remember my grand-daddy saying something about there being on of those many moons ago.
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BUUURRRRPPPPP!!!!!!!!! Well….excuse me please. biggrin.gif
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Everything in this thread looks great....except that hideous looking Bulldog. Wonder how he would taste smoked? icon_smile.gif

Go Vols!
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