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Mmmm....looks good Capt Dan.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Looks great, Any leftovers?
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Awsome looking grub there Dan. I need to make myself some briskets and hope the turn out like yours!
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Yes there is a lil left!PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif

I did one of the briskets, and a butt for someone who was paying for them, along with a donation to the " Lang funding foundation". The other brisket and butts will be munched on for a few days, and then into the vac-packs and the deep freeze. I seriously think that this weekends smoke has produced the best tasting, and looking butts I have done to date. I am pretty happy with the briskets, and like the differences I have found with the two seperate rubs.

I also think my experiment with the cap up/down is done.icon_wink.gif
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Awesome job.
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Great looking meat Dan! Love your smoker too!
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So scoring is the way to go, huh? I will have to try it. I always do cap up, but never have scored---sure makes sense. I do that with my double smoked hams and they come out great.

I have to find a few sandwich shops who want some smoked meat---that Lang Fund Foundation would sure be a good excuse to keep smoking all the time!!
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Good lookin' "Q" Capn Dan !

I'm doin a butt in the AM myself in the mornin'. I'm in here looking for last minute tips....found one...the scoring, gonna try it tomorrow !PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Hey Harold, I just checked out your website, very nice. We seem to share a few interests, I was just wondering what kind of smoker ya got. Reason being, I don't recomend the fat cap up if it is a chargriller, or charbroil, or brinkman w/ SFB. The reason is, the heat comming out of the side fire box is usually a little to extreme,I still have my charbroil silver, but don't use it too much any more. I have modified it quite a bit, but I think I would still do the butts, fat cap down in it. The reason I can do them up in the Lang, is because of the reverse flow, and it takes alot of the heat and distributes it pretty evenly. The hottest spot is still right next to the firebox, but it isn't quite as extreme, and I have about 4-5 ways to change it by elevating the tongue of the trialer, changing my log location, changing my damper settings on the fire box, taking some direct heat off by opening up the warmer and its damper...ect.
So Its just my opinion, if ya got one of them cheaper horizontals( no disrespect to anyone who owns them, I have one and like it very much) with a side firebox, or even one without a fire box, I would recomend you still doing the butt cap down. Hate to see ya make a good butt tough or burnt.

Keep enjoying the site Harold, and be sure to let us know how that smoke turns out tomorrow!

Capt. Dan.icon_smile.gif
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GREAT lookin' smoke!!
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Thanks busted, could ya see it ok?

Now I feel bad for razzin yer thread!icon_redface.gif
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I could see it fine! when i post those full sizers they get way to big.... gotta break down and figure out my own settings better.....

Dont feel bad!! its all good... I've been told before pics were tiny....
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Nice work Dan, Looks great PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif Points
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