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Butts and Briskets w/ Q-view

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Looks like its gonna be a nasty, rainy, windy day today, but the smoke has to roll.

It looks like more smoke than it is, alot of steam flowing with this rain. Had to put the transmitters in baggies! Glad I put my wood in the stinky shack a few days ago!icon_smile.gif

Here's todays mission

I decided to keep the big chuck roll in the fridge till next week.

2 10 lb briskets rubbed up last night with 2 different rubs(new recipe), and 4 butts, 3 rubbed with my usual rub, and injected with my baste recipe, 2 scored and fat cap up, one left alone and cap down. the other butt was rubbed with jeffs rub and not injected, and is a smaller butt and is cookin unscored, and cap down. The experiment continues. The pic was taken 2 1/2 hrs into the smoke.Temps are about 112-115 on all the butts and the briskets.
Put em in at 7 am, I slept in an extra hr. Gonna hate myself for that later!icon_surprised.gif
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Looking good dan, keep us posted!!!
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Capt Dan
Great looking experiment, the results will be interesting.....
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Looks good, keep the Qview coming.
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"Stinky Shack"?

So if you put your wood in the stinky shack, does it smell funny? Then if you use it to smoke with it, would your food taste funny?
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Lookin awsome Dan, please keep the Q-View coming because I have to go into work today and I need something to keep me going.
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Nice lookin smoke ya got goin there dan, I sure do like that rig of yurs, momma said there ain't no way I'm gettin anythin like that. She has to work some overtime for awhile cuz they are so short of people, jokinly told here I could buy another smoker with that money, if looks could kill this forum we be short one member!
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Looking good Cap'n... and that is a great looking rig.
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Hehehe, I can just about imagine. Some gals have no sense of humor!

Thanks, I like it too. It's so much easier to use than I thought it would be.

Looks like one of my mav meat probes has gone buzerk, I have to get by with 3 now. All of a s udden it started beeping and it said the brisket was at 226 internal!eek.gif . I pulled it out, and layed it on the fender of the Lang in the rain and it still says 201. So I might have to get some replacements.

Right now at the 4 hr mark, all the meats are at 140-142.cool.gif
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good lookin smoke you got goin on dan!!!!
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Lookin good Capt. I like your smoker too. Looking forward to the results.
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looks great cap, good luck.
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Lookin' good!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Still raining here and cold(mid 40's), but the Lang is chuggin along at 225-235, most of the meats are in the plateau mode at the 6 hr mark, and the temps range from a low of 153 to a high of 163. Once the briskets get to 170, I plan on putting them in a pan and covering with foil till the end. Butts will get foiled at 170-180 range.

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Looks good and I like that smoker too sorry you got nasty we got 80 and windy here
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The briskets are ready for the foil pan and cover, so I snapped a quick pic before they got their armor!

its nice that the wind has died down and the wings are winning 1-0 so far in the first period!
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mmm drooling now.its a windy rainy snowy day here in pine ridgePDT_Armataz_01_06.gif
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What a race!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

Well the briskets turned out very good, moist and tender,no injection. 2nd one out at 11 1/2 hrs.First one came out after 10 hrs.

sliced up the flat!

I need a sharper knife! Butts turned out good, and here is a pic of the smaller one rubbed with Jeff's rub, and it took 10 hrs to get to 202 internal.

Lil butt on a plate just before pulling!

Was pretty juicy for not being injected!

I didn't bother with pics of all the butts, pulled pork is pulled pork.

I still like the scored butts w/cap up better because they are less greasy, and the rub gets down into the meat below the 2nd fat layer better.

I also noticed that after foiling, the scored butts had 2/3 less juice in the foil, meaning, alot of the fat had rendered out during the cook, more than usual. Both of the scored ones took 13 hrs, the other unscored cap down butt took 11 1/2 hrs. Long day after just 5 hrs of sleep, and here it is already 1:30 am!icon_smile.gif
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Nice! I would like some brisket for breakfast!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Sure does look good dan! Gotta get a brisket.
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