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Get a steamer if you don't have one already someone told me about it awhile back and man it works keeps stuff moist. I won't reheat any other way now. I got a rice cooker but I believe any steamer would work
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Dang Meowey I can't quit thinkin bout them fresh potato rolls now I may have to find a baking forum biggrin.gif
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Meowey, butt(s) and buns sure look great. Nice q-views. Keep up the good work. Had some of that sandy beach falling here this morning, but no accumulation(sp). Have a good day and may the smoke gods be with you.
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Hour 9 1/2

Hour 9 1/2 - the 2nd butt from the right has been foiled.

First flowers of the spring.

More later!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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The 11 pounder just hit 165°F and has been foiled!

The two smallest are taking the longest - I think that's because I had them the furthest away from the fire box. They have been moved closer - LOL - as the other two are in the oven!

More q-view when I pull!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Looks good but I've been thinkin bout them rolls since you posted the pic why don't you send me one thru the puter or somethin biggrin.gif
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Nice Meowey! I wish we had some flowers here. Grass is starting to green up and I can see that my neighbors *****willow tree is blooming...It's getting closer...through the snowflakes...
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Wish I could. I will post the recipe if you like. I did a half batch today. All ingredients today were cut in half except the yeast. They had a fluffier texture because of the added yeast.


Grandmother Miller Buns
This recipe came from my Maternal Grandmother’s bake book. “Grandmother Miller” was either my grandfather’s mother or grandmother. Everything in parenthesis is editing added as the recipe was interpreted.

1 C Mashed Potatoes
1 C Potato (Cooking) Water
1 C Sugar
1 Cake (packet) Yeast
2 Eggs
4 TBL Crisco (we use lard or butter – butter makes
the buns brown more) melted
1 C Lukewarm Milk
1 TBL Salt
(7½-8) C Flour
(2 TBL) (Butter – melted)

1. Mix together the potatoes, water, and sugar, along with the yeast at
night (the evening before baking). (Let it sit on the counter in a
covered crock) till it foams. (We used the crock from the crock-pot.
In the morning the mixture was foamy. We think this is the “beer”
mixture referred to later in the recipe.)
2. Beat well the eggs, melted Crisco (Lard), lukewarm milk and salt.
3. Mix in the “beer” mixture.
4. Stiffen (Mix) in warm (???) flour. (Kneading to form dough.)
5. Raise, work down.
6. Raise again.
(Each raise time was about 2 hours.)
7. Work down again, and make (roll in your flour covered hands) into
buns and raise (again – about 1 hour – it could raise for up to 2
(We made 36 buns using 1.9 oz. of dough, 1.4 oz. of dough
would give 48 buns, and 2.25 oz. of dough would give 30 buns.
Adjust baking times accordingly)
8. (Brush tops of buns with melted butter.)
9. Bake (at 375°F for 20 minutes or until golden brown – don’t crowd
buns on the baking sheet).

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Thanks Meowey I've never baked anything but I'm game I'm gonna give it a shot sometime this week
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looking good meowy.............i was reading your first post, and i said to myself.......SELF.......meowy didn't do his kewl inserts of temps..........then the next post.......whamo........there they were...........

copied and pasted that bun recipe........going to try it next weekend

Pro.......as Piney said.......and that mite of been me Piney........i just use my rice steamer......add lil left over juice from foiling.........and the finishing sauce.........you be in HOG heaven........werks great

once again meowy.........FINE job
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Final Q-view

Well folks,

It's been a good day. The Q tasted great. I had to do quality control. At the end of the day there will be 17 pounds of BBQ Pulled Pork in foodsaver bags waiting for the lucky folks next Saturday.

Unfoiled and Beautiful!

Pan-O-Pulled Pork!

Too good not to eat! (Note the fresh baked potato roll!)

I'm glad the weather has changed - the smoker will be busy every weekend!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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You have done this before....LOL looks excellent.
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Once or twice - LOL!


Take care, have fun, and do good!


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i am taking notes, this looks ROYAL! your sticky is on my short list of great recipes!
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Love the q-view! You should get a bunch of gold stars for this post!!!
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Final Q-View!


I looked in the camera and found 3 more pics.

Big Bowl - Pic 1

Big Bowl - Pic 2

Bagged and Tagged for the Freezer - 17 Pounds of Finished Pulled Pork - The folks will eat good next Saturday!

Enjoy your day!!!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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I noticed the pic of the thermos. It's not about times it's about temps LOL
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Excellent looking pork, Meowey!!

Are all those canisters behind the vac'd pork your "spice rack"??....eek.gif

Great Job!

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That's some fine lookin pulled pork friend! Got one them scheduled for next weekend, this time I'm hopein there will be enough left to freeze! Last time kids ate it up before I could get the bags out! Your folks are gonna enjoy themselves I'm sure. Nice job.
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Flour, sugar, rice, dried grains, etc. There are so many, I can't remember what's in them! - LOL

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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