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Fatty help

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going to try out the fatty experience here real soon just wondering if there are any recipes and how to's to follow? what seasonings do you add to the meat? i read that you take it to 160deg any thing else i should know? also i am planning on using some ground venison will this turn out dry ? should i add some pork to it? any tips tricks and or ideas will be of much help!!and appreciated
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I can't help you with the venison, but if you're making pork fattys, 160* sounds about right. You can use what ever spices you like. That's one of the great things about them. Make them how you like them.
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Try this thread:

Still got a question...ask :{) And 170 is a better choice for finished temp.
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Unless your venison is mixed with fat already, it'll be a bit dry.
Take your fatty to 160*, slice and enjoy! biggrin.gif
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I get nervous with game and especially ground game/domestic mixes. Dunno why... the ground thing always worries me. That's why I go a bit higher. It can play hell with a cheese filling tho sometimes. Ends up more "infused" with the meat.
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Put anything in that fatty you want. Might add some fatty bacon to it for a bit of moisture. Might run the temp up about 170* because it was wild once. Use cubed cheese might hold up a bit better in the higher temp.

Some (and only some) of the things in a fatty, peppers, mushrooms, onions, cheese, bacon, eggs, hashbrowns you name it or like it, you can probably put it in a fatty! Good luck!
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Bergie's Fatty

I just grab a 1 # log, roll it in rub, set it up on the warmin rack and bring her to 165 or there bouts. Pull it off for a snack while the other Q is going. After you have done one you will be hard pressed to fire up that smoker without a fatty sittin on the side. With the venison I would combine it with a lb of pork, wrap er in bacon and let er go. Keep it simple to start out with.
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