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Ham help

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Did a search for ham but nothing came up. I was at work today and I got a call my mother had pick up 2 fresh hams 9lbs each and 2 brisket flats 6lbs each. I have been thinking about doing briskets so I have some idea of what I am going to do with those. Going to make them both the same way but take one to 200 and try to pull it. I am thinking I am going to use a basic beer mop with a nice honey stout, although is anyone has a really good mop I am open to suggestions. One question I had on the briskets is since they are so thin, only 1.5-2†will it still take 1.5hrs per pound?

My problem is I hadn’t planed on doing any ham yet. I checked out the hams and they look nice and fresh but I have no idea on how to prepare them. As far as I know there is no real ham rubs are there? I really need some help on this one guys.
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I did one a couple of weeks ago. Used Jeff's rub, injected with a marinade (BBQ mesquite) and spritzed at regular intervals with apple juice and rum. Took it to 170 degrees which was great for slicing. The bone made some excellent bean soup! Good luck. Keith
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Treat it like a butt.
Rub it and smoke it till its pullable!
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i think im going to slice one and pull the other but will let you all know how it goes. I found this maple glaze I want to try.
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uhhhhhhhh............thought this was a family forum........or did i miss summin.......


i am sorry........i tried, i really did........but i coulnd't resist
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Ham is on stuffed one with garlic and did one up with jeffs rub. I am thinking spray them down with this mop
1/4 cup maple syrup
1/4 cup apple cider vinegar
3 tbs veg oil

only problem is I don't have anymore whisky to cut it with a friend came over and we drank it.
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